EVERYTHING’S BIGGER: Adam Pacitti’s Accidental Guide to Texas

‘Everything’s Bigger: Adam Pacitti’s Guide to Texas’ is a documentary about a documentary gone wrong. Originally a follow-up to ‘Pinfall: A Professional Wrestling Documentary’, this was meant to be broadcast on British television as an insight into the continued wrestling career of Adam Pacitti. However, Pacitti’s lack of preparation left him in Texas for a week with just a camera crew for company. Improvising, he starts filming a new documentary about The Lone Star State. ‘Everything’s Bigger’ covers everything from competitive eating and handguns to cowboys and conspiracy theorists. More importantly, whilst filming, Pacitti is receives an unexpected email from a girl offering to act as his own personal tour guide, which results in an unexpected friendship.

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  1. Watched this after reading about Adam’s employment campaign and I’ve got to say I think it’s a fantastic film. Could have been longer because there wasn’t enough time to focus on any one thing but it’s definitely worth a watch.

  2. It’s like watching someone’s irrelevant holiday video, this is barely a documentary. At best this programme is semi interesting.

  3. I turned it off as soon as I realised it was about wrestling. One second in. A complete waste of one second.

  4. I would argue that the kids interview skills were pretty good. The gun shop stuff was interesting and as a british person our gun laws probably did seem alien to him. Personally i want to hear from the person not being interviewed, not the interviewer and he did this.

  5. ok it ended well enough. i take back all my snarkiness. It was really quite nice. I liked the Christmas tree in Sarah’s house. Winters can get very cold here in Dallas. I thought it was spring or autumn till I saw that tree!!

  6. I’ve never appreciated the people/interview skills of Louis Theroux as much as I do right now. Poor kid is clueless about what to say or do. Here’s a hint, try actually being interested. Not just looking to exploit people’s weaknesses/oddities for “interesting video”.

  7. why is it supposed to funny when a skinny little twig of a boy hangs out with real men?

    wasn’t woody allen enough?

  8. I really enjoyed this. The guy is pretty funny and he managed to find some fascinating stuff in the week that he was there. I’m not too sure what was and what wasn’t real about the documentary but it’s well worth a watch.

  9. Not a fan of this one. What’s with all the hipsters thinking they need to make documentaries?

  10. Dreadful. Louis Theroux need not worry.

  11. I actually preferred this to pinfall, I found it a lot funnier. I felt that I was more interested in the content of the documentary rather than just watching Adam being beaten up by men twice his size as in Pinfall.
    Overall worth a watch.

  12. I managed to catch Pinfall last year and was expecting another wrestling documentary but this was totally different. I don’t want to give anything away but seriously worth a watch! Good work Adam

  13. Really funny documentary.

  14. A fascinating ‘accidental’ documentary with a great ending. Well worth 43:49 of your life.

  15. Pretty insightful documentary. Educational and surprising, not sure what to make of it.