Evidently… John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke is an English performance poet, who first became famous as a “punk poet” in the late 1970s. This documentary film is a celebration of his life and works, examining his life as a poet, a comedian, a recording artist and revealing how he has remained a significant influence on contemporary culture over four decades.

Through a number of interviews with household names from the world of stand-up comedy, lyricists, rock stars, and cultural commentators this film pays homage to one of the greats. We witness Salford-born Cooper Clarke as a dynamic force who remains as relevant today as ever, as successive generations cite him as an influence on their lives, careers, and styles.

From Bill Bailey to Plan B, Steve Coogan to Kate Nash and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner to cultural commentators such as Miranda Sawyer and Paul Morley, the film reveals the life behind one of Britain’s sharpest and most witty poets – a national treasure.

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  1. Very real fella, isn’t he. It was wonderful to see John again. Thank you for the documentary.

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