Exposing Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire New York business man whose vast wealth bought an arrogance that knew no limits. Damn the consequences, Epstein acted in the day to day life as if he could have anything he craved but what he desired most was sex with young women and girls, for years he abused them at will.

Such were the number of victims Epstein exploited he started trading them around the world having masterminded a sex trafficking ring which enabled his rich and influential friends and associates to share in his perversion. Remarkably those accused of complicity in this scandal include His Royal Highness Prince Andrew.

In this 60 minutes special you will hear shocking stories from very brave women who are now demanding justice, among them is Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who stumbled into a dark and insidious world she had no power to escape until she found sanctuary in Austrailia.

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  1. Ha! Rebellious teenage girls playing with the big boys now suddenly scream rape. Metoo cancer has to end.