Exposure Update: The Jimmy Savile Investigation

After ITV released their documentary “The Other Side of Jimmy Savile“, they received a huge response which lead to more people coming forward with stories of abuse committed by Savile. This lead to a new documentary being released almost two months later in which Mark Williams-Thomas gets in touch with some of these people that came forward and tracks the progress of the current police investigation into these claims of sexual abuse.

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  1. Glad you have this video. Truly INCREDIBLE and no surprise really that ITV has removed their own documentary about this pedophile from their own website. SMH. This disgusting creepy creature, that’s all you can refer to him as, was an abomination. I’m so unhappy that he was not punished, denounced and humiliated while he was still alive. Bravo to all the courageous souls who came forward eventually to tell truth to power. God knows the police, media and even Royal Family failed you all. I’m so sorry.

  2. The ROYAL family of England should be dragged through the streets bloody and beaten. They are the worst people on our little planet. They provide nothing but control everything. Kings Queens Dukes duchesses all are antiquated and as we see with Saville PREDATORS. Rich people who didnt earn anything they have. Entitled and inbreed. And this BBC thing trying to show Saville as a lone predator for 40 years in public is laughable. He had LOTS OF HELP covering it up. THE ROYAL FAMILY IS GUILTY.

  3. So how can he be a ‘pedophile’ – which means a man who likes young children pre-teens – when all of his so called victims were over 16 years of age?