Extreme Ice

As scientists try to forecast the future consequences of the big melt, internationally acclaimed photographer James Balog is risking everything to capture the phenomena on film.

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  1. We got a large problem at our hand. Because the white snow reflect the sun, and as more of the sea is exposed more heat from the sun will absorbed by the dark sea. Not reflected by the white snow on top of the ice.

  2. Great film…very well done. Definitely worth watching.

  3. Keep denying global warming, it’s right in front of you.

    • Global warming is a SCAM Period- This winter coldest we ever had- Look @ the Motives! $ Control $ Control $ C. . . Is there a pattern here ? Some Glaciers retreat some advance Wake Up.

  4. That photographer was highly annoying with his pretentious descriptions of ice, especially in the last minute. Otherwise……not really worth the watch except for the time lapse photography of the glaciers. What do you expect from NG Inc.?