Extreme Universe: Is Anyone Out There?

Ever wondered what would happen if you were sucked into a black hole? Or, if wormholes could make time travel a reality? And could life on Earth survive a huge meteor strike like the one that took out the dinosaurs?

Now you can find out in this captivating series. Join experts as they unravel the most mind-boggling mysteries of the cosmos, using the latest scientific theories, dramatic time sequences and everyday examples of incredible forces.

Travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, as this exploratory space documentary series asks ‘is anyone out there’?

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  1. Astounding I’d expect the comments to be filled with intelligence
    Being the sole fact the context of this website is pure intelligence
    And education yet alas the morons in the comments lol you have one moron claiming black holes don’t exist another moron ranting about the USA lol

  2. amazing how we can not watch this in GB, sum fucka is avin a laff
    i hate americans, no seriously i do, not because there elite rule the world but because there public do fuck all about it, remember to rule the world you have to rule your own country first, yanks eh, lol as long as bay watch is on tv at the same time every week they are happy, ……………frazier is good though

  3. Not a bid piece on theoretical WAGS, I’ll apologize now for a bit of a long rant as I’ve viewed a few different vids like this here and have some things to say on the subject in general, but I will address the questions in the description directly first.

    “Ever wondered what would happen if you were sucked into a black hole?”

    Nope I have never wondered, but probably not much since no black hole has ever been observed to exist in the real universe. Plus the equations for black hole theory require no other mass to exist in the same universe as the black hole(infinite gravitational force would “suck up” any mass in the same universe thus only the point mass singularity itself could exist), and a person has mass so a person could not exist in the same universe as a black hole to be “sucked” into it…

    Or rather if we could be sucked up by a black hole we already would have been and only the black hole would exist in the universe(and mass-less “particles” and/or energy).

    But if they could exist according to the latest theories I’ve read about theoretically we would likely be converted and “spit out” as a jet of energy if we were sucked up by one.

    So it wouldn’t likely be a pleasant experience, I’m not sure why anyone would actually want to think about really.

    “Or, if wormholes could make time travel a reality?”

    Again, there would have to be a wormhole proven to exist beyond a state of pure mathematical theory before I could consider it, but even so such time travel is likely not possible since time is purely a human conception based on motion in our local environment(orbital and rotational motions, etc.).

    Since the past, present and future all exist as one entity I do consider that it’s possible for some people to see the future or past in the form of memories and premonitions in one’s mind, but physical time travel belongs in the realm of science-fiction with the “folding” of space-time or “gravitational collapse” causing massively explosive supernovae events.

    “And could life on Earth survive a huge meteor strike like the one that took out the dinosaurs?”

    Well I could have sworn the meteor strike extinction scenario was one of many being theorized and I didn’t realize someone had proven it to be a fact somehow as that statement implies it is…

    But yes I do think it’s highly likely life could survive a meteor impact like that since most of the meteor would be destroyed before impacting the surface by a number of factors.

    The charge differential between the Earth’s electrical environment and the meteor’s electrical charge “collected” from moving through the plasma medium of space would cause discharging of significant material off the meteor. In combination with the extreme thermodynamic and other mechanical forces the meteor would encounter descending through Earth’s atmosphere at high speed I can’t see much of a meteor surviving till the point of impact to cause large scale destruction.

    Though the electrical discharging itself could cause damage I suppose as well as superheated fragments possibly igniting large scale forest fires or such. But I highly doubt a meteor alone could initiate a mass extinction event just from an impact event.

    Anyways, in regards to the video maybe I missed it but did they mention that moon of Uranus(Miranda I believe) that some theorize was “shattered” by impacts numerous times only to have it be “reassembled” by the weak force of gravity over and over again?

    The entire gravitational force of Earth can’t stop me from lifting my hand, but the gravitational force of a smaller body in a shattered non-solid state caused by the impact(s) can theoretically counteract the kinetic forces transferred to the material being ejected at high velocity by the explosive force of impact. When in close proximity to a much larger body(Uranus) with greater mass and gravitational force at that, which you would think would more likely attract the blasted debris to it more so than the magical collective gravity of what is essentially a “cloud” of blast debris attracting itself back together to reform as a solid body.

    If not they should have included it since it fits in well with a bunch of the other purely theoretical crap they spouted as if it is proven fact. Just because you start with the answer and you are able to concoct an equation that fits it does not mean that equation is the correct one, or that it should be portrayed as the only possible equation that will work even if it isn’t entirely correct.

    I should take the time to concoct a mathematical equation that shows it is possible for invisible pink fluffy unicorns to exist, then we can accept it as fact and begin working out how those invisible unicorns are responsible for the extra mass that Dark Matter was created to account for to save gravitational theory from falsification.

    [sarcasm]Hey, there isn’t enough mass in our galaxy based on gravity theory, either the theory isn’t right/complete or the observations are wrong… clearly it’s the observations that are wrong and thus there must be invisible stuff out there doing magical things in order to save us from being proven wrong.[sarcasm]

    Just because science is meant to try to explain/understand the natural universe does not mean that we can’t just ignore the natural universe or determine it is wrong any time it contradicts our theories, or so some would have us believe.

    Anyways, I’m always up for a good astronomy/astrophysics piece such as this even if I do spend most of my time laughing at it, I just hate the way most of the pure mathematical theory with little or no basis in observable reality is portrayed as a fact.

    A theory can never be fact as a theory is simply an interpretation of the evidence, just as the evidence can never be wrong but only misinterpreted. Since a human perspective has never been taken into account by the universe in any of it’s aspects a human perception of those aspects can never be 100% correct or complete.

    No theory should ever be presented as fact as it is scientifically dishonest to attribute a factual standing to anything except the evidence itself. In Earth’s atmosphere the concept that hot air rises is a fact(except under certain special conditions) that can be termed as such, but theories of how or why it happens are purely interpretive and can not be called factual.

    One could just as easily interpret such a phenomenon to electromagnetic forces – the heated “air” atom becomes “excited” as the ions and electrons(aka “electric particles”) “orbiting” the atomic nuclei become more active and develop greater electrical charge which reacts to Earths Magnetosphere(magnetic field) becoming “attracted” to it more so than colder(less excited) “air” atoms and thus causing them to rise upwards towards it while colder atoms are repelled or are simply neutral… [note that electrical force is very powerful compared to gravity so only a relatively small amount of charge “increase” would be required to defy Earth’s gravity for a small(low mass) atom of atmospheric gases]

    I know some people who espouse that particular view and although their models are more detailed than that and the theories are supported by all the actual observed facts just as “conventional” theories are at no time have I witnessed any of them attempt to portray their interpretations of those facts as facts themselves.

    I understand that modern science is largely funded by taxpayers and they don’t want to use any terminology that gives the impression that those taxpayer dollars are not actually achieving solid results as the average taxpayer thinks they should since it could damage their funding. However I feel it to be a far greater problem to continue massively funding a machine primarily driven by the need to appear right to keep the funding flowing rather than actually figure out the truth(or the most accurate human perception of it).

    We can never know the universal truth, we can only actually know our personal truths(perceptions) and use them to develop the most accurate understanding of the universal truth that is possible at that time.

    Far too often these days I see people mistaking their personal truths as being the universal truth, Stephen Hawking and his “theory of everything” being a perfect example.

    The downfall of all brilliant men comes when they fail to recognize the limits of their own brilliance, the downfall of societies built by those brilliant men comes when the entire society fails to recognize when the line between brilliance and insanity has been crossed, or in some cases completely destroyed.

    Thankfully I have been seeing very encouraging signs of a new generation of brilliant young men and women who do recognize that in many areas of modern theoretical science the line has been crossed and that it needs to be corrected(especially theoretical astrophysics).

    When the discovery that space is teaming with “electric particles” in the form of plasma(up to 99% of the universe) which reacts primarily to electromagnetic forces and that space is also teaming with magnetic fields capable of producing charge separation in plasma and thus inducing electromagnetic currents and forces is met with the complete dismissal of any notion that the plasma itself or the electromagnetic or electrostatic forces that accompany it have any role in the way the universe works, well that is insanity.

    When also factored in that electromagnetic force is only about 39 orders(give or take a few) of magnitude more powerful than the force of gravity – that is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x the force of gravity – the insanity is even more apparent.

    But never is the insanity as obvious so much so as when anyone even suggesting the possibility of a force so much more powerful than gravity having anything to do with the grand scheme of the universe is dismissed as being the one who is insane, and sometimes by those who think a moon can be blasted apart many times by massive impacts and be pulled back together into a solid mass every time by the weak force of gravity alone no less.

    Anyways I doubt anyone will take the time to read this all and if anyone does I will likely be attacked over certain statements within it, but I welcome any and all discussion.

    Maybe one or two of the next 3,000 viewers will chime in on something here… or not. But please do if you can, and sorry if I come across hostile in any way as it is truly not intended. 🙂

  4. How long did it take Stephen Hawking to get another book out in spite of not being able to move?