Factory City

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live where you work, no? neither have I and for most of us the idea would simply be unthinkable, but imagine living and working at one of the biggest factories in the world, a workplace the size of Monaco. For the 17,000 employees stationed at the mega factory known as EUPA, it is reality and they come from all over China seeking a brighter future.

At EUPA workers craft all sorts of items ranging from coffee makers, irons, electric cookers, etc. These are all produced in staggering quantities every single day. For those working here it is more than a steady pay-check, it’s home. People get married here, they send their children to school here, but the work never stops and EUPA’s managers are on a mission to produce new products for every corner of the globe that could forever change the way we think of “Made in China”.

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