Fallen Angels

Up until 1991 there used to be a U.S. Airforce base in the Philippines city of Angeles, these days though many men, most of whom are retired, flock to the city of “Fallen Angels” in search of sex for sale. As a result a whole generation of orphan children are currently growing up in the Philippines as though it were a post war country. Huge numbers of these children were fathered by foreign sex tourists, they will more than likely never meet their dads.

These children immediately stand out in the crowd, being mixed-race here almost certainly means a child is the result of sex tourism. Even though they stand out, this in no way makes them uncommon, in fact it is the opposite here, within their communities there are many children of the sex trade. As a result the burden of caring for these children typically falls entirely on the already struggling mothers.

In this RT film the crew visits Angeles City in order to meet some of these children, witnessing the harsh reality these kids face having being abandoned by their fathers. We hear of their hopes and aspirations, some even record heartfelt messages for their estranged fathers.

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