Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre

This war can not have witnesses. It can not have witnesses because it is based on lies. The Americans have permitted only embedded journalists to go to Fallujah. Despite that, for example the image of the marine that shoots the wounded and unarmed warrior inside the Fallujah Mosque has gone out. And exactly because this image has gone out, we do not know how, and because it has circulated all over the world, the NBC journalist that has recorded it has been immediately expelled from the embedded body. Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre is a documentary film by Sigfrido Ranucci and Maurizio Torrealta which first aired on Italy’s RAI state television network on November 8, 2005.

The film documents the use of weapons that the documentary asserts are chemical weapons, particularly the use of incendiary bombs, and alleges indiscriminate use of violence against civilians and children by military forces of the United States of America in the city of Fallujah in Iraq during the Fallujah Offensive of November 2004.

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  1. Sad to see how misinformed we were. I myself immigrated to Canada from South Africa. Then the Internet started. Amazing the info that came out. I could not believe that I went to war for the CIA in South Africa. Today I know how corrupt our leaders are.
    I cannot believe how the rich manipulate the world for their riches. I cannot belief how the Rothchilds at al use us and our lives to have what they want. And call it westren civilisation. Bulshit.
    We have to get together and stop this age old families and their satan gods.
    How do we stop forming armies?

  2. I guarantee that anyone of the below individuals that left a comment below bashing Americans would never go to and inside a real American household and the negative comments below to an Americans face…why? Because you’d get your ass beat down so bad that when you woke up (if that gracious American allowed you to wake up and not beat you down so bad that your miserable life was snuffed out) that you would crawl back to your pedo loving liberal country never again to ever say anything bad about America because unlike you and your evil loving countries we here in America don’t put up with that up is down and wrong is right corrupt mentality. Also, us real Americans do not believe the lies that the mainstream media spews about where they show only what maybe 1 percent of the American population thinks is correct… No Sir we think like individuals persons who can think for themselves and do not fall in group think gay mobs… oh and another thing: FUCK YOU YOU MOTHERFUCKERS YOU COMMUNIST PIECES OF SHIT. Get you a good manly beat down lil faggots. We’re tired of you all evil thinking waste of life criminals…

    • Some issues with your Brain? All ok or do i need to send you a doctor?
      Just tell me, I m in sorrow you may have eaten your dog, poor animal, don´t you
      know we´re living in the western civilisated world. It´s neither normal nor necessary to eat live pets. Please go to your sushi dealer next time if you have such impulses or take your revolver from your American drawer, put it to your mouth and you should be able to do the rest on your own.
      Instead please please dial 119 and order one of these beautiful white waistcoats with sleeves folded in the back and no exit.
      The doctor treating you will give you an additional dose of rohypnol in a 7-fold dose, and then it’ll be fine, believe me, I’ve had something like that before.
      if not, you still have the option with the drawer.

    • You are an idiot, as in mentally challenged. You probably have multiple outstanding warrants on you. In the only language you understand : I am an American and if I met you I would shove my sig so far down your insulant mouth you would have light at both ends. Understand troll?

    • Eat a whole asshole with freedumb fries.

    • You need proffessional help you sick deluded branwashed peice of shit.
      The rest of the world ‘bashes’ the US for a reason. You are the most evil scum on the planet. You have attacked over 40 countries since the end of WW2 to install your own puppet fascist murderers in power.
      You actually try to defend using white phosporous on kids. You sick evil fuck.

  3. America provides stability?
    America doesn’t even own itself… FACT
    Banks and foreign countries “with barely no education” own America “Home of the SLAVE”
    You’re the individual who seems quit ignorant here. No, not every Country all over the world has soldiers over sees going “rogue” on innocent civilians… FACT
    Why are American soldiers still in Vietnam? Germany? Syria? Afghanistan? Iraq? Africa?
    I don’t see Canadian soldiers, nor U.K., French, Russian, etc.

    This same America which provides so much “stability” is the same America who produced these third world Countries through exploitation of natural resources… FACT
    Has been done all over the world with loans funded through the World Bank along side the Federal Reserve (whom actually owns America through what is it now, 14 trillion dollars? Not to mention the 3 trillion that vanished what, 2 years ago now?…FACT)
    I’d suggest you do some research before forming your opinion but by the looks of your stereotypical writings I am going to play it safe and assume you, yourself are American and that sad FACT would be that you are most likely so caught up in the propaganda your “leaders” throw at you, you are unable to articulate much of what I am even portraying too you…

  4. You are all ignorant fools if you believe this stupid propaganda…

    You can add up all the “massacres” and all the wrong doings and guess what IT GOES ON IN EVERY COUNTRY YOU F*CKING IDIOTS. EVERY COUNTRY IS GUILTY OF IT. WAR IS WAR THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM. And just because a group of soldiers go rogue doesn’t reflect the countries views. Stupid idiots.

    You know whats fact? Saddam Hussein did use WMD he used chemicals against his own people you can look that up the iraqis themselves admitted it. THATS A FACT. We also knew they didn’t have LITERAL NUCLEAR WARHEADS but he was most certainly building them, read up on the Navy Seals who found his mobile centrifuges out in the desert that were destroyed. THATS A FACT. Have to look up the word centrifuge right? Because you are a fucking ignorant foreigner who barely has a correct education. So what do you want to do? Leave in a brutal dictator until he gets nuclear warheads?

    America provides so much stability in the world..you have no idea because you are so ignorant and brainwashed to ever be able to form your own opinion from real facts. I guess you would rather have dictators running around with the free will to build nuclear bombs. Fucking morons.

    • I LOVE Idiots like this Obviously American uneducated or brainwashed idiot….Chris you actually believe the propaganda your banker owned media feed you with…and the FACT that centrifuges were found in the desert by SEAL Teams is a LIE!!! Over 1 MILLION Innocent Iraqi’ were killed in this war to save them from a dictator…oh the very same dictator put in by the USA to fight against IRAN for you. Be real this war was and is over OIL, Reconstruction contracts and Arms sales of which the receipts are up in the Trillions of $s, check the FACT That over 25% of the DOD budget goes “MISSING” every year and you’ll get a small idea of what you are living under, a BANKER Owned and RUN Country.

  5. Who would forgive a US citizen for joining the military and assisting to invade another country as “just following orders.”?
    Which US military soldier is NOT a WAR CRIME VET that has been in a military action after 1945?
    I do not know of ONE US citizen that actually thinks each day about the killing going on everyday since the invasion of Afghanistan; NOT ONE person worries each day that the US military will possibly kill another innocent person; none lose sleep, nor have trouble eating, none I know, know about Fallujah nor do they know what napalm is or white phosphorous.
    I do not know one fellow citizen that has ever told me they feel sorry for what the US did to Vietnam, and less even know about Laos, Cambodia, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chili.
    As for the comments here—I do not know ONE fellow citizen that will read them—and I point out—I doubt any of the posters are from the USA.

    As far as I know, there is only one man who has regularly pointed the finger at the USA and publicly shamed us–FIDEL CASTRO.

    • The most telling thing about this war is never before in history have so many troops on the “Winning” side acted by committing suicide because of the thongs they did and saw while under “Orders”. When the Nazi tried to say they were acting under “Orders” in WW2. The WAR Crimes investigators said “NO Soldier shall carry out an order that is ILLEGAL or in the pursuit of killing Civilians not involved in the war”…guess what how many villages were wiped out by bombs and also by hyped up Marines etc???? TOO MANY!!!!

  6. Talk about hypocrits… The American civilian population aside, I think the American powers the be (ie. Bush and his cronies) should be tried for war crimes. They try and set all these rules, laws for the rest of the world to abide, yet constantly disregard it themselves. This is a perfect example! As was the rest of Iraq, Bush swore up and down about weapons of mass distrution and to this day none have ever been found. They invade at free will anybody who tells them ‘NO’, fabricating any story they see fit to give them ficticious reason to blow something up… And they wonder why 9/11 transpired or Pearl Harbour. Hah, that’s exactly what them damn yankees have been doing for generations. F*ck ’em! BUSH SHOULD HANG, though the little weasle deserves much worse!!!

  7. nothing new really USA takes the cake for morality stands and  then uses WMDs in the wars that it fights. One rule for US and another rule for others .
    Who is the enemy? who is the destroyer? Which country has dropped the atom bomb? Which country fights with depleted uranium bombs and bullets?which country denies everything?….. USA 

  8. World most wanted terrorist?

    George Bush

  9. I was lead to believe like any one else that America is a force for good but I grew up and found that the US Government are a shower of scumbags.  Murdering war criminals.

  10. All you can really say is that the Americans are murdering scum.

  11. All you can really say is that the Americans are murdering scum.

  12. All you can really say is that the Americans are murdering scum.