Lauren Southern is a Canadian far-right political activist who has immersed herself into the world of politics having run as a Libertarian Party candidate in the Canadian federal election and covers a wide variety of topics working independently on her YouTube channel.

In her latest release FARMLANDS she focuses on a situation in South Africa in which “white people” are in danger of violence and suppression from “black people”. In the intro of the film she states that she was sent material which claimed that there was a “White Genocide” taking place.

Southern claims that as a journalist she never takes anything at face value and will always second guess and question it all, hence her desire to explore the issue a little deeper and discover if these claims of a potential race war are based on fact.

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  1. This is a disingenuous piece of propaganda full of half truths. Some 70% of land in South Africa is “owned” by the white settlers; this happened by colonial expropriation of land as opposed to the story she spins about a fair trade between the Dutch and the Khoisan. The proposed ANC land distribution is to ensure that the 80% of black South Africans have land to meet their subsistence needs (currently they have only 13% of the land). Taking land in excess of 12000 hectares (that’s 120 square kilometers) for redistribution seems fair considering that 120 square kilometers seems wholly adequate for 1 family. Now whether they should be compensated for the land taken by the State is debatable considering that this could be considered reappropriation of land that was originally stolen. As for white folk being killed the question is, is it disproportionate to the overall killing that takes place in South Africa? The answer is no, in fact murders of white folk is proportionately less than murders of black folk. To paint this as some sort of targeting of white folk is irresponsible.


  2. Southern is a right-winger, yes, but she is not far right. And why is
    “white people” in quotation marks? There’s some blatant bias in whoever
    wrote the description under this (very good and worth a watch)
    documentary and I’m not going to lie, it’s bugging me.

  3. Ironically only a woman had enough balls to cover this issue. Well done Miss Southern.

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  5. Fact checking on this doc is crucial. I knew something was off after watching the first 5 minutes of it.