Fast Food Baby

Documentary exploring the reasons why some parents feed their children junk food. The programme follows three families as they try to get back on the right nutritional track, and features experts who mentor them using the latest techniques in a bid to wean the youngsters off unhealthy meals

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  1. The sister crying and carrying on and being manipulative about not having junk. ( shakes my head)

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  3. Do I let my kids drink a little coke, or eat a piece of cake or candy, do they eat fast food?? Sure I do, but as a treat and as a treat only. I cook homemade, clean, natural food at home for my kids. To feed your kid nothing but cokes and fastfood is child abuse. Get off your lazy ass and cook.

  4. That 19 year old is a twat.

  5. Can we just get humanity over with,   now       — please?

  6. I love how these idiotic parents feed their children, then bring them to the doctor stating, “Doctor, why is my child so hyper?”. Then of course, the child is put on Ritalin and so on …It makes me sick to see these typical parents bring in scripts for their 2 year old child. What a ridiculous world we live in.

  7. i think people should start beating their kids.

    also , a hungry kid will eat anything. so just be strict. they don t want to eat the good stuff don t give them shit. they will eat it when they are hungry.

    spoiled english brats.

  8. The 19 year old tart who has 2 kids and studies part time. How does she afford to live in a nice flat and buy all that sh#t food? I’m assuming from government handouts. What motivation is there for her to change?

  9. Just realized how much effort and care my parents put into my diet and eating habits. Luckily, they made me spend hours on end on the dining table if I refused to eat my vegetables..I never got away with it 😀 

  10. Shows about children’s issues are always about slacker parents

  11. It’s a sad day when these people can reproduce.

  12. Couple number one, are very annoying. Mom is obviously simple and a bit of a vacuous airhead who married a homely mongoloid for money. He refuses to stop buying takeout because he likes it. She loads up the sweets cupboard with carbs in an attempt to reduce sugar intake. Dad is a self indulgent fool who sneaks sweets for him and his kids after all the education. Shameful  

    Couple number two seem to be the most balanced. Any parent can be guilty of giving into a willful child. They did have special circumstances. 

    Girl number three is clearly mentally challenged. Her Mother is just as guilty for letting a slow, fifteen year old give birth. This girl belongs on Jerry Springer. After education, she refuses to bend because she has too much going on in her unemployed eighteen year old life. This young mother should be a poster child for planned parenthood. 

  13. What comes through strongly here is PEOPLE DO BETTER, WHEN THEY KNOW BETTER! How is it that British education produces parents who don’t seem to know the basics? 

  14. Is it just me, or are these parents really stupid?!  

  15. the first baby has a hot mom!too bad shes an idiot!lol

  16. wow. worst parents ever. Who in their right mind would feed a BABY fast food? Babies need as much nutrition as possible, plus you are setting the stage for their future eating habits. I can’t believe that one family feeding their baby 6 cans of coca cola per day! Babies should not be consuming sugar let alone any caffeine. And then they tried to act like they couldn’t stop their baby from eating those things? Babies can only eat what you feed them! Those children should be taken away from their (highly unfit) parents.

  17. 3300kcals a day wtf man i weight 70kilos and i dont eat 300kcals a day

    • 300 kcals= starvation, its not the calories that matter, its what your eating for calories. i eat over 3000 calories a day, im exercising, staying lean and healthy

  18. surprising that the mother and 3 kids weren’t already obese from the first family :O – Good to see they changed there ways and accepted it was actually 100% their fault no the child’s. I can actually think of a few people i have seen/know that could benefit from a similar experience.

  19. Did you ever wonder where Fox News watchers come from, or people who give a shit about dancing with the stars?

    Now you know.

  20. Shocking that at 3000 kcals a day, those infants are not obese??? 

    • Obesity isn’t the only thing to be worried about, there are many more potential health problems that come with fast food diets. Not to say that everyone will develop these problems, but the likely-hood increases substantially.