Mankind’s most carefully guarded secret revealed! For the first time…. information that you were never meant to know. A documentary that offers amazing UFO photos and video footage you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a disclosure of the web of lies and disinformation that the Governments of the world do not want you to know, hear contactees, experiencers and abductees share their amazing testimonies! Discover the truth about extraterrestrial contact.

At last astounding revelations by the world’s foremost authorities including: Dr. Steven M. Greer, Steve Bassett, Jim Marrs, Robert O. Dean, Dr. Michael Salla, Stanton T. Friedman, Alfred L. Webre, John Greenwald Jr., Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Richard Boylan, Jaime Maussan, Paola Harris, Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, A. J. Gevaerd, Sean David Morton, Graham E. Bethune, Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, James W. Deardorff, Phd., Robert M. Wood PhD, Charles Hall, Richard Dolan, Steven Jones, Rob Simone, Don Ware, Richard Giordano, James Courant, Dolores Cannon, Maurice Osborn, David Coote, Stoyan Cheresharov, Daniel Munioz, Lisa Davis, Bruce Jessop, Robert Miles, Alan G.Toleman, Jutta Savill. Hosted by Erika Jessop.

For nearly 60 years, denial has been the only official position of the government of the world, relative to UFOs, alien abductions, and extraterrestrial contactee reports. And this debate has reached over the thousands of documented cases that have been brought forward without official recognition. Some have been monumental incidences involving hundreds or even thousands of people.

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  1. 13:36-15:45 min shows a typical reaction of a skeptic to something outside his paradigm. Pretty funny.

  2. The greatest minds in theoretical physics, astronomy, etc all theorize that the universe is composed of millions of galaxies which in turn are made up of millions of stars, with possibly billions of planets that all hold the potential to harbor life of some kind- why is it impossible then that we have been visited by and interacted with some form of extraterrestrial life? We absolutely cant be the only intelligent life in this vast cosmos. Sure I could believe that the ufos witnessed all over the world could very well be super advanced top secret weapons or ships tested by the US military or other countries, but the possibility still exists that these could be life from other planets sizing us up, studying us like earth scientists study wildlife, evaluating the worth of the Earth and its population. Full disclosure is only a matter of time.

  3. more people should see this!

  4. If you’re a nerd like me watch the Tesla video, He talked about different frequents like on a radio dial. They are interdimensional beings and have been here longer than we have. In fact some people think that the moon is a mothership it’s perfectly aligned and it’s gravitational pull on the oceans is the basis for life to exist.

  5. 90% utter BS here. Not as good as “Out of the blue”.

  6. this happened maybe 1999. i was on my second floor balcony. my mom was talking to her boyfriend. there backs were towards the sky. i was facing them. with the skyline in my direct view. and as im talking i see what looks like a shooting star shooting across the sky from right to left. and immediately i stop. i love shooting stars. and really take in the short amount of time it is possible to see them. so as im watching this “shooting star” go across the sky, it stops. i just got the chills. anyways. it stays in a stopped position for about 4 seconds. this whole time my mouth is wide open watching this. than out of nowhere it shoots straight up into the sky and disappears. and to my knowledge there is nothing that explains what i saw. nothing goes that fast. stops. and change direction. aaaaaand. thats my story.

  7. Wauw.. I loved watching this and I hope someday we will wake up and put this huge ego aside!

  8. the other night i was on my balcony on a ciggaret when I saw a bright pulsing light travel at immense speed in a bow shape, I dont think it was a meteor fall or anything of that sort since it pulsed. weird huh?

  9. my demons are brown. or greenish brown. sometimes they are hard. sometimes.. almost like WATER.. awful.Ive also had demons one time when i went to mexico with my family. First off eggs in mexico taste weird. but then omgggg demons alll night son. next day i drank so much liquor. that night? – BOOM demons till my eyes cross.

    i think my uncle has irratable bowel demons

  10. I am starting to believe that aliens are really just Demons. Our fallen angels