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While most people saw the documentary Super Size Me as an expose of the fast food industry, comedian and former health writer Tom Naughton saw it as a dare: He’d show that you could lose weight on a diet of burgers and fries.

In addition to chronicling Naughton’s weight drop, the film provides interviews with doctors, nutritionists and others to drive home his thesis that most of what we know about “healthy eating” is wrong.
Naughton addresses Spurlock’s argument that the current prevalence of obesity cannot have been caused by home cooking or by non-corporate, family-owned restaurants, since they have been around longer than corporate fast food chains.

Naughton says that the food people eat at family-owned restaurants is the same unhealthy food eaten at fast food chains, and that the reason the former did not make people obese is because during his generation’s youth, families would only eat at them a handful of times a year, and not frequently, as some people do at fast food restaurants.

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  1. I tried veganism. I honestly believed we don’t truly need meat so expected it to be fine. Nope. It made me ridiculously tired and weak. As soon as I went back to eating meat, I felt so much better. It’s not that carbohydrates are bad, it’s that high quality meat is good. Eat carbs. Eat protein. Eat fat. Eat vegetables. Eat meat. Neither sugar nor meat is causing obesity or any other health issues, excess calories are.

    Supersize Me is utter nonsense, trying to mislead people. The reason he put on loads of weight and ended up ill was because he was consuming over twice the calories he needed to maintain his weight.

  2. High carb. High raw. Youtube: Freelee the Banana Girl. High carb does NOT make you fat.

  3. I actually thought this documentary was really good. I thought that Super Size Me was all truth but it just shows that you have to look into things before you believe them.
    Even some of the things in this documentary are a little far fetched but there is much more truth in this than in Morgan’s film. There was no sugarcoating (hahaha), and no blaming the fast food industry. It just shows us that it is OUR fault we are getting fatter. No one but us. That is a fact that you can’t dispute with any logic.

    Definitely will be rethinking my diet!
    Great Documentary.

  4. if you watch this and believe what this guy is saying…your as ignorant as him.

  5. Tom’s log is available on his blog. He has no problems showing it off. You will also find a social network of people who have changed their lives because of the work LCHF researchers have done.

    Its all there.

  6. what a joke.
    a total hatchet job. this guy couldn’t string together a coherent argument if his life depended on it. this guy can choke on a dick. or a burger …. just die.

  7. I would imagine if people actually sucked it up and watched the entire damn video they would have a more favorable opinion of what was presented. Why people feel the need to comment negatively about information provided, when they’ve barely watched a 3rd of the video I will never understand. That said, any amount of research anyone does into the Paleo or Keto lifestyle will reveal pretty quickly that what we’ve been “force fed” our entire lives about what to eat, is false. If you’re not going to watch the entire thing then don’t waste other peoples time posting uninformed “reviews” or poorly rate the video.

  8. Anyone who espouses this belief does so at their own peril. Those two tomatoes on your burger will hardly undue the fat accumulating in your arteries. Nearly ALL scientific studies support a plant based diet with as little meat as possible.

  9. Common sense- When you eat pasta you are not going to get a heart attack RIGHT away. If you keep eating unhealthy pasta you will start blocking your arteries which will down the road will cause a heart attack. Also anyone else notice he asked people that generally looked healthy about how many calories in his McDonald’s meals.

  10. He has some good points but, he does underastimate the power of commercials in my opinion…

  11. Well done Doc. Lots of interesting ideas that seem to backed up by real science. Well worth watching. Ending is awesome!!


  13. Great doc at 1:15:30 shit gets real

  14. I couldn’t get through the first 5 minutes. It’s like some phony libertarian wet dream. There were so many fallacies within the first 5 minutes it was nauseating and an insult to the intellect.

  15. Good documentary.

    Better stop drinking, smoking, doing no exercise and getting fat. I also eat more carbs than anything lol……..

  16. Kinda boring to watch, only got through 22min. I would have like to see his food log, he shows the caloric count for the first week but doesn’t tell us what he is eating exactly, it would be nice to see (perhaps its shown later in the doc?) seeing as he makes a point about not being able to access the food diary used to make super size me.

    • As a McDonald’s agent of some kind, I’m sure he didn’t have to keep one as he knew by heart. Regardless, there is no nutritional value in what he proposed. Whether or not he is right or not about the weight gain, health effects would take a lot longer to manifest.