Fidel Castro

Born August 13, 1926, Fidel Castro is now 89 years of age and one of the most controversial / diverse world figures around. He has been decorated with many international awards and those that support him, hail him as a champion of socialism, anti-imperialism and humanitarianism, whose revolutionary regime managed to win Cuba it’s independence from the so called “American imperialism”.

Those who appose him view him as a dictator whose administration demonstrated many abuses towards human-rights, however through his actions and writings he has most certainly influenced many political individuals and groups across the world.

Having had a fair stint in office beginning on December 2, 1976 and ending on February 24, 2008 he adopted a Marxist-Leninist model of development and turned Cuba into a one-party socialist state under the Communist Party rule. This film is packed with rare archival footage and photos which give us a unique glimpse into Castro’s childhood, his reckless youth and how he honed in on the talents which made him adored and deplored by so many.

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  1. So the idea is that the CIA and “American Experience” are supposed to inform us on the subject of Fidel?? LOLOLOLOL