Fidel: The Untold Story

It is not clear that the great leader of the Cuban Revolution – Fidel Castro – is still alive. One this is certain…his time of influence on the world stage has drawn to an end. Having been the subject of so much anti-Castro propoganda, many an still not aware of the true facts of this man’s life. Fidel – the Untold Story is a documentary that dispells many of the myths associated with this iconic figure.

Whether dismissed as a relic or revered as a savior, many agree that Fidel Castro is one of the most influential and controversial figures of our time. Rarely are Americans given a chance to see inside the world of this socialist leader. The documentary Fidel offers a unique opportunity to view the man through exclusive interviews with Castro himself, historians, public figures and close friends, with rare footage from the Cuban State archives.

Alice Walker, Harry Belafonte, and Sydney Pollack discuss Fidel as a person, while former and current US government figures including Arthur Schlesinger, Ramsey Clark, Wayne Smith, Congressman Charles Rangel and a former CIA agent offer political and historical perspectives on Castro and the long-standing US embargo against Cuba. Family members and close friends, including Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, offer a window into his rarely seen personal life.

Bravo’s camera captures Fidel Castro swimming with bodyguards, visiting his childhood home and school, joking with Nelson Mandela, Ted Turner and Muhammad Ali, meeting Elian Gonzalez, and celebrating his birthday with members of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Juxtaposing the personal anecdotal with history of the Cuban revolution and the fight to survive the post-Soviet period, Fidel tells a previously untold story and presents a new view of this compelling figure.

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  1. fidel the great red salute long live cuba

  2. Mr. Castro is by far the top statesman of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
    He is that special person (“The anointed one”) whom it is our privileged to have lived during his time.
    Lots of good facts in this documentary, such as, that he long before supported Nelson Mandela –when Mandela was still in prison; that he lent support to Ho Chi Minh and the North Vietnamese; that he re-tooled the sugar producing island into a medical wonder. Cuba provides more medical personnel to the developing world than all the G8 countries combined., and; He was able to switch from sugar plantations to medical schools of learning as he first devised a system to educate every citizen to become the FIRST — and still ONLY country in the north American hemisphere to proclaim 100% literacy of its citizens (Wikipedia 96%)—bypassing the USA even to this day. At 30:51, if you pause the video, you can read the banner celebrating the moment. The documentary seems to purposely zip past the momentous achievement saying only that “1961 was the year of education.”
    There is no greater hero living today than Fidel Castro. He is the most popular and the most loved. Why the Cubans of Miami refuse to embrace such a larger-than-life hero is a regrettable mistake. What exactly is their complaint of Mr. Castro—that they are refugees forced to relocate and live their last days IN ONE OF THE FKING BEST SPOTS ON EARTH!?
    A beautiful example of what is important to Mr. Castro and the Cuban people can be seen in this video. [] This has to be one of the world’s most endearing public services.

  3. People who have praised Fidel on this board….if you think he’s so great and all that he has done is so wonderful, then why don’t you go live in Cuba? He lives a very, very comfortable life while people on the island barely have enough to feed and clothe themselves. People in Cuba are not allowed to have access to the internet (so your freedom to post whatever you want on this blog would be taken away), they are not allowed to have access to television outside of state-run programming, they are not allowed to travel abroad, they cannot express honest opinions without being jailed…they are not free. Fidel, Raul, Che and their crew were sadistic murderers. This is a fact. They executed people on television in the early days of the revolution. They came into power, perhaps with good intentions, and ruined a country. Cuba used to be one of the wealthiest and richest countries in natural resources in all of Latin America and the Caribbean – now the entire island lives in poverty and most of the land is fallow.

    I live in the US and am certainly not blind to this country’s faults. The US is not perfect, but in the US you are free and you have opportunity, which I value very much and which Castro took from Cubans. I don’t think that the revolution was 100% bad. There are certain good things that have happened in Cuba. That must be acknowledged, but I think there is no arguing that the result has devastated the country. I look forward to the day the world is without the Castro brothers and Cuba can once again be free to grow and develop in a way that is truly CUBAN – not purely American capitalist, but certainly not Fidelista.

    • You live in US…. That explains everythinh

    • What a childish, kindergarten-ish statement. If you think Castro is so great why don’t you live in Cuba?! There is only one of me, and I cannot immigrate to all the countries of all the world leaders who have ever lived whom I respect. Besides, my feelings about Castro are mixed. He did some great things–like get rid of the fascist Batista, health care for all, great social programs for the poor, and he did some horrible things like all revolutionary dictators have. What’s more you obviously no nothing about Cuba because almost everything you said about it is a lie. You apparently were fine with Batista and the countless people he murdered in the name of authoritarian capitalism.

  4. Save your breath Frank ,This man is a hero and an inspiration faced with the mighty power of the US set against him he and Cuba still prevail independent of outside control and interference.

  5. fidel had the right idea and spirit of a true marxist revolutionary until the point he came to power then after that he became what he fought against corrupt power hungry.  Che Guevara should have been in charge of Cuba not Fidel.

  6. Are you people serious? This guy murdered, tortured, disappeared thousands of Cubans. He divided families, and destroyed the lives of MILLIONS! You idiots think that you know who he is because you saw a stupid documentary? I know people who were tortured, silenced, thrown in jail for YEARS just because they said the wrong word. There is no freedom in Cuba, there are no rights for anyone but those who follow him. IF you dare SPEAK a word against his government he will throw in you in jail until your bones go bridle. He starves his people and forces all of them to engage in illegal activities just to stay alive. I LIVED THERE I saw and heard the stories of those who suffered, whoever thinks this monster is a good man knows nothing. 

  7. a great man……

  8.  What a badass. Now this is a man that has balls and deserves a respect like noone else. It makes me sick to think that my retarded, politician-looking-like president thinks he’s an important person. None of the other presidents deserve to be supported, none of them really does anything except for doing something ‘apparently’ grand so that they can stay in their comfy leather sofa for the next cadence. They are all puppets, running for corporations’ money with no dignity or morality. I wish for Fidel to stay strong and never give up to USA. His dream of perfectly happy, great islanders nation could’ve been realised if only the rest of the world wouldn’t be so fucking capitalistic and jealous trying to destroy it so badly. I’m not Cuban, but this man is my hero.

    • If this man is your hero sir, you are one messed up individual. He is nothing but a murderer, a torturer, a destroyer of homes and the dreams of the Cuban people, those who followed him and those who died facing him. You sir, are an idiot.

      • maybe to you, the very small minority that of course sides with the U.S. why don`t you spread your propagandah somewhere else ? el jefe educated a whole country after batista had turned it into a corrupt dictator run prison where anyone was assasinated for being suspected of suporting the revolution. if these people are sick for liking this doc then i am the sickest person on the planet ! i am totally inspired by fidel and after reading many books about el che it has changed by out look on life completely to being a more conciderate person and helping and supporting the unfortunate in these times. i would much rather live in a country that cares about the citizens instead of the capitalists

      • sorry for partying 

  9. As an American I was always brought up to believe Castro was evil. He used to be described as a “Saddam Hussein.”

    I’ts enlightening to hear the truth. The US didn’t like him because he was for equality for all. He didn’t jibe with the US way, which is special priveliges for the rich, and the hll with the poor.

    • You have no idea what it is you’re saying. I lived under his “rule” he does not want equality for anyone, he wants control and power, and uses torture, assassinations and turns the people of that island against themselves. I probably won’t change your mind but at least my tortured father doesn’t deserve for this monster to be seen as a good guy.

  10. I was born in Cuba and raised in Mexico. Nearly my entire Cuban family left because of the regime and they hate him. My house was a half way house between Cuba and the USA for many. Having said that and while I do not believe that changes can be forced on anyone and we have to choose to evolve and be good…so to speak….i do believe that overall he is a great person, who tried to do the right thing for the exploited and I will miss his presence when he goes. I hpe that wherever that is he finds peace and joy and i do believe that many feel the way I do.

  11. I wonder who will be left after Castro is gone? Who will stand firm against the US and capitalism like Cuba? The world is going to need another revolutionary that speaks for the poor.