The Fight for Mosul

Back In October 2016, an elite team of Iraqi Special Forces were sent directly to the frontline against ISIS with only one objective, to reclaim Mosul and eradicate the remaining ISIS fighters. It marked the beginning of what would quickly become a brutal battle of attrition that would last nearly nine months.

Filmed over the course of their deployment, this documentary follows the experiences of five young soldiers:

  • Anmar: Who happens to be a college graduate seeking revenge for his father who was sadly killed by a suicide bomber.
  • Hussein: A deadly sniper who holds little empathy for those who he has killed, he is also somewhat of an aspiring football player.
  • Jamal: A sergeant who is a bit of a joker.
  • Naif: Another sergeant who is trying to juggle family life whilst fighting on the frontline.
  • Amjad: A young recruit who is excited to play a role in fightings against ISIS.

Entering battle with high hopes and good intentions it is quickly revealed how tough this deployment is going to be as they are confronted with the reality of fighting an elusive and vicious enemy in a city of trapped civilians who are themselves fearful and suspicious of the army.

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