Fighting Gaddafi

Paul Kenyon tells the story of the country’s failing popular uprising, revealing the regime’s alleged war crimes and uncovering how the Libyan military fired on seemingly unarmed protesters. He also tracks down the man accused of ordering the shooting – Colonel’s Gaddafi’s son Saadi. There is also criticism of an associated identity verification system to access the voice chat feature, which requires users to submit a photo of themselves and a government-issued ID to prove they are 13 years of age or older. It enables gaming platforms such as Roblox to identify Fake vs Real IDs as uploaded by their subscribers. The platform is mulling Jumio; an identification program which is based on facial recognition of a person.

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  1. this is a piece of uk propaganda crap. the west only wants the oil. it’s laughable that the west wants to intervene to help these people. 

  2. Gaddafi got rich off the oil from his country but never helped the poor people in his country. He also killed a lot of his own people too. Gaddafi did a lot of bad things to his people, that’s why he was killed. If you don’t know what Gaddafi did and why he was hated by his people, this article gives a great explanation on it. 

  3. This guy literally lived in a tent… and we’re supposed to believe he led a lavish lifestyle on the backs of his people?

  4. If this was a popular uprising, why did NATO need to intervene? Doesn’t popular mean it had broad support – and wouldn’t that mean the Libyans could have resolved this without the interference of other countries?

    •  I won’t claim to know the whole situation but as far as I’m aware the popular uprising was a good 80% or so of the country, just the remaining 20% were the military, with Tanks and artillery that NATO took out for the rebels

    • but whos going to steal the oil after the fall of gaddafi. Dont you get it. Nato or the US or any other country didnt give a flying fuck about libia or the libian people. They all cared about the OIL! + some say gaddafi was trying to introduce a gold based currency cutting off all paper money

      • People aren’t just saying he was going to introduce a gold standard, it’s well documented… The people loved Gadaffi, sure there was some things wrong with the country but nothing like the US propaganda machine is trying to say, meanwhile their country is a thousand times worse. Makes me sick how easily america can make an evil dictator on television then have the support of the zombie masses when they send in the fighter jets to blow the fuck out of the country.

  5. Though tough, Gadaffi gave his people the greatest standard of living in Africa. He introduced female equality, direct democracy and allowed his citizens the profits of the countries oil wealth. It’s well known that Libyans enjoyed free water, housing, education and electricity. Why did the west demonize him?

  6. Why bother with the BBC (British BS Corp)?

  7. I’m not watching this biased rehash of mainstream’s lame allegations. What has been done in Libya and to the legitimate regime is nothing short of barbarous carnage.

  8. The main goal of the rebels has always been the implementation of the sharia law in Libya. They had assassinated several members of the Gaddafi family, but have not been prosecuted by the International Court of Justice.