Figures in Chalk

Aubrey Manning visits the chalk hills of England to investigate their origins and along with a team of archeologists from Reading University try to establish a date in which they were produced.

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  1. That naked “Giant” on that hill was easily done back in ancient times when one man with a boner stood there at the top in a pose, and his friends sketched him on a paper pad and then had the workers go along the pad using mathematical equations to separate out the distances as they carve the first trenches on the land and then eventually laid the chalk in there. His “boner” was probably added in last.

  2. Very interesting documentary, however it explains why the people who settled this land were eager to leave and explore new territories such as North America and the Far East and farther…The land lacked the fertility to grow suitable crops to survive on and sheep made dull companions unless there were some women around. It must have gotten very boring in order to inspire these inhabitants to create these large chalk creations. Boring enough to make you want to join Franklin or Hudson on one of their voyages to seek out and discover a new world…Oh yah, Godinn’s comments sound like those of an ignorant, Godless heathan…

    • Erm, I’m sure there were women explorers as well; they weren’t just there as companions for the men and replacements for the sheep.

  3. Nice doco. The last two comments by Godinn are a shame really. The Anonymity afforded by ‘comments and leave a reply’ with video services like this, and others, does seem to bring out some irritating and extremely purile sensibility across the net.
    It’s got to a point now where something good and well made does seem to have it’s own idiot attached. At least he watched a nice doco and that can only work in his favour one day when he grows up.

  4. LOL I should have waited for the scene with the giant goggles. Oh my God. You people are fools. I’m not saying that wearing goggles is foolish when chipping Flint. But the fact that everyone was wearing them in a documentary where I KNOW the director would most certainly not have the participants wearing them if it were not mandated makes me laugh at you sheep as well as cry for your blatant pussification.

  5. You Brits are truly stupid people. Those people digging out in the middle of nowhere and wearing bright green coats and hardhats. LOL no common fucking sense. Pretty sure you weren’t going to get run over or have anything dropped on your head in the middle of a field In the middle of fucking nowhere.

    • An american calling another nation stupid. 🙂 Now that is funny. Take care of your gun control issues first boy. Guns are for cowards.

  6. Anything made by The BBC is pure class. No American sensationalism, dramatic narration, or celebrity host. Just the facts being presented by the experts in their respective fields.