Fire in Paradise

With it fast approaching a year since California saw the deadliest wildfire in the states recorded history FRONTLINE have went ahead and released this special. Through high quality archived footage we witness first hand how the fire which started in the early morning hours of Nov. 8, 2018 raged on for more than two weeks, devastating the town which is ironically named Paradise before being extinguished.

Fire in Paradise examines who was to blame and what it was which made this fire in particular so catastrophic. Some of the key factors at play were as follows:

  • An electrical transmission line which was nearly 100 years old, operated and owed by Pacific Gas and Electric.
  • An overwhelming number of 911 calls being placed, with 132 being answered by Paradise’s dispatch centre.
  • At its peak the fire spread at 80 football fields a minute.
  • 67 patients admitted toFeather River Hospital had to be evacuated as the flames approached.

The list goes on but from interviews with first responders, people who were trapped and those that lost properties we begin to see the full scale of this blaze and the destruction it caused.

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