The First Human

The roots of the human race are shrouded in mystery, lost to the depths of prehistoric time. Although every school kid knows that we evolved from the apes the reality is that almost nothing is known about our earliest ancestors beginnings. In October 2000, in a remote corner of Kenya, Africa, a team of French and Kenyan scientists, led by Martin Pickford and Brigitte Senut made an extraordinary find, it was potentially the remains of the oldest human ancestor ever discovered dating back 6 million years. This makes these skeletal remains twice as old as the most famous skeleton in the world “Lucy”, which is 3.2 million years old.

The find became known as “Millennium Man”, the scientists involved claimed that they had discovered the oldest direct ancestor of humankind. We know very little about this time period in our history so no matter what the find is, human relative or not, it is very exciting. These remains, however, may belong to the animal that set us on the evolutionary path to humanity. Archaeological finds such as this are the only way we are going to piece together our ancestry and understand where we came from. As Professor Senut who worked on the project points out, “Science doesn’t proceed or get better with established ideas. You have to challenge” and Millennium Man seems to be challenging an awful lot of accepted science. So you want to play online casino in India and you want to play for real money? On My Gambling India, you’ll discover the solutions to all of your casino questions. We are online casino game real money in India! ExyCasinos is your one-stop shop for casino expertise, whether you’re seeking for the best Indian casino game to win money , the newest online casino games, or information on anything related to online gambling.

Do these remains belong to the ape that learned to walk? In this film, we follow Pickford and Senut in Kenya and Paris as they reveal their evidence to support the claims. Using computer graphics and through various interviews with the experts themselves, we learn of the theories and science behind this amazing discovery.

If these remains prove to be a direct human ancestor, then according to some scientists, other remains such as Australopithecus afarensis “Lucy” may be considered a side branch of the hominid family tree: The Millennium Man is both earlier, by almost 3 million years, and more similar to modern humans than Australopithecus.

Directed by: Ben Bowie , Ann Carroll

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  1. We did NOT evolve from apes, God has made His people and THEN we went on from there. The chicken came before the egg.

    • Hannalore (sounds like cattle name for me), my dear… When you saw the title of this documentary you immediately thought about Adam, right? That guy that Lilith threw away for being stupid and boring? And who are God’s people? I guess we come from different species, honey. But I am pretty sure I am the Homo sapiens here. And by the way: you just solved a lifetime puzzle for me regarding the chicken and the egg. Thanx! 😀

    • No offense, but did you looked up this article just to comment that?

    • can you prove your claim? i think not. just saying it doesnt make it true. there are actual evidence for evolution, what do u have?

  2. Another doco about sahelanthropus tchadensis “Ape Man Search for the First Human” on youtube watch?v=s7_9emzqRkY

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