Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules

Released back in 2004 this film sees FLEETWOOD MAC reunite for the first time in over fifteen years in order to record a new studio album. We follow them as they set about writing and recording the album “Say You Will”. With cameras on them from the very first moment Stevie Nicks walks into the studio right up until the opening night of their showcase tour, we are given a great insight into their world and the creative process undertaken by each member of the legendary group.

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  1. Stevie Nicks is a talented songwriter. Lindsey Buckingham is hard work. Will have to Google the music that was the end result.

  2. That was way more of the nasal Stevie Nicks than I needed, and way more of the whiny Lindsey Buckingham than I ever wanted.

    I didn’t find it very interesting, but I am more a fan of the 60’s version of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.