Flying Objects A State Secret

On December 16th, 2017, footage shot by the U.S. Navy spread panic amongst the American population, until then classified as a top-secret defense matter. In this release, three videos of unidentified flying objects filmed by F-18s were made public and they would be authenticated by the pentagon in April 2020.

The first video dates from November 2004, it was filmed by a patrol flying near the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Nimitz. In this footage, a capsule-shaped object is performing maneuvers that defy the laws of physics. On that same day the radars of the missile cruiser U.S.S. Princeton confirmed the presence of several flying objects an F-18 patrol was immediately dispatched to the spot one of what are commonly known as UFOs, but what experts prefer to refer to as UAPs unidentified aerial phenomena.

Around the same time, the serious and respected New York Times revealed the existence of a secret program to research UFOs, it was known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification program. In this film we explore new, fascinating data gathered by military, government, and private organizations in key geopolitical countries, leading many to believe that a unified human effort should be undertaken to study extraterrestrial phenomena.

Directed by: Dominique Filhol

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  1. The photograph at 34.55 clearly shows nothing but a reflection anomaly of the street-lights below!

  2. Document dont feel real when even countries borders is incorrect. Russias borders are too wide.

  3. 8/10 doco mate, just bloody beautiful. Now i wonder what all them alien bastards must think of us?. they look at us and think “bloody hell these bastards suddenly have nukes!?, fuck! hit the red button! release the swarm!”. “disable those cunts before they fuck up the universe!”.

  4. On the contrary, no one panicked when the footage was revealed or confirmed as legitimate military data. What really happened is a lot of people became pretty excited by the news. The UFO forums on Reddit, for example, gained tens of thousands of new members, all excited tom discuss the implications. It’s about time the government started sharing their UAP/UFO data with us, we paid for it after all. And this isn’t about keeping secrets from China or Russia, etc., it’s about mankind’s place in the cosmos and we all have he right to know where we fit in.

    • Absolutely.
      Reports of hysteria in response to the war of the worlds broadcast are GREATLY exaggerated. (Think: ‘publicity stunt’) Research it – its being used a feeble excuse to withhold information and development from the public.

  5. They are man-made.
    They are being kept covert due to the fossil fuel system and the associated $. Not to mention the espionage opportunities.
    Although the worst types of these documentaries are ones with avrocar and that make-believe fantasist kaku. They are a real insult to the intelligence.

    • The speculation that there is a great conspiracy to keep this covert by a wealthy group of people is a good example of all “conspiracy theories” throughout time. They always start with the evil perpetrator, a little truth and a lot of inside information, not much different from scary campfire stories. The moon landing was faked, the earth is flat, The Illuminati, etcetera draw people in and prey on one’s insecurities, fears and desire to be one of the chosen people who really know.

      As for UFO sightings, the’ve been happening forever. The universe is limitless and we know next to nothing about just about everything. It’s great to dig, ponder and talk about this stuff, but why do we get all worked up about this? It’s much more beneficial to look inside the workings of one’s mind and investigate what gets in the way of our own happiness.

    • Cool comment…I wish you well in the future…lol !