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The movie FOCUS follows the trials and tribulations of professional gamer Mike Ross as he trains for EVO, one of the biggest tournaments in his life. Ross, who recently signed with pro gaming team CompLexity, is one of the most passionate and well respected fighters in the entire Super Street Fighter 4 community. is proud to present the full length movie FOCUS, directed by Steve Hwang, as the first installment of G4 Films. We’ll be bringing you a few more films (both short and full-length) in the coming months and we sincerely hope you enjoy them.

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  2. as an avid ssf4 fan, it was awesome, firing up my ps3 right now

  3. Thats one hell of a great American story, i’m so touched,,, NOT!!!

  4. Great Docu imo

  5. Great Docu imo

  6. Great Docu imo

  7. His dad is Morgan Freeman’s long lost brother.

  8. I don’t play games. I DO make and watch documentaries.

    This one was really quite good – you have to start with a good subject and then must have a great story with conflict. Mike is quite likable, the conflict and inherent worry over how well he’d do at EVO was there, and the open dialogue with his brother and father were great to have. Unlike a previous poster, I really thought the amount of game footage was quite appropriate (maybe only to a non-player). The filmmaker got quite lucky that Mike did so well at EVO and was the beloved underdog in doing so…had he lost in pool play early, the doc would have been nothing worthwhile.

    Usually with all films I feel the editing is fairly poor, that filmmakers fall too in love with some shots that they should cut – I didn’t feel that way at all with this doc.

    Very nice job.

    • I think you’re wrong about the EVO success as the only reason why this documentary is decent. Even if he lost, he is interesting enough to keep you watching.

  9. Awesome documentary.  It’s good that Mike Ross, and to a smaller extent Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, is finally getting some recognition for all the content he has given to the fighting game community.

    Mike Ross is charismatic and a pleasure to watch.  Definitely a fun documentary for anyone that enjoys fighting games or competitive games of any genre.

  10. comming up: Poker comes to X-Games

  11. It started off as a good in depth look at a sub genre of gaming that is typically overlooked. unfortunately i started falling asleep when they kept showing more of the same game footage. I would have liked to have seen more variety. Cool that Devastation was shown as I had gone last year. Going again this year for sure. At tournaments there’s an energy in the air that can’t be depicted by documentary alone. The Audience gets really into it!

  12. 10 minutes is all I could watch… Seriously, is this relevant enough to make a documentary? Who paid for it? The enthusiast father of the creature? Come on…

  13. 10 minutes is all I could watch… Seriously, is this relevant enough to make a documentary? Who paid for it? The enthusiast father of the creature? Come on…