Food That Kills

Thomas Edison was right about the importance of diet but wrong with his prediction about the future of doctors and medicine. We are living in the age of Edision’s future doctor and the last thing many of them seem to do is interest his patient in the care of the human frame and diet. The average meat eating American will consume 15 cows, 24 hogs, 900 chickens, 12 sheep and 1,000 pounds of birds/fish in their lifetime which is a tremendous amount of animal flesh to be consumed by the human body.

The effect of such a diet is high blood pressure, clogged arteries, high cholesterol and heart attacks.

Hear Dr. Michael Klaper explain how the North American diet is causing heart attacks at a massive rate and what can be done to greatly reduce your chance of a heart attack in the following documentary Food That Kills.

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  1. After reading the comments below, I didn’t see anyone mention GMOs used in growing food for animals, and humans, the herbicides and pesticides used on those foods consumed by animals, and the vegetables, grains, and fruits consumed by vegetarians and vegans. Fish are ingesting plastic which gets passed on to us. Consider too, hormones for rapid growth in animals and antibiotics to keep the animals you consume barely healthy enough to eat and how all of that is snowballing into a dramatically unhealthy planet. Not to mention the constant stress that animals raised strictly for human consumption are under, every minute of their lives. They can’t be producing healthy meat.

    What we all REALLY NEED is toxin-free, organic, whole foods. The human race is too self-centered for its own good. We know we need to stop adding toxins to our air, land, and water, yet we can’t seem to make the sacrifices needed to do so. It is possible that Capitalism will ultimately be the cause of human extinction if we aren’t annihilated by nukes first.

    Watch: Cowspiracy
    A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

  2. I totally agree with you. As I’ve put on other posts I was healthy fit vegan I got sick unrelated to vegan more compilerbactor with guillain barre syndrome doctors made me and convinced me to eat meat and dairy so I did and ended up after being back on feet again 2 stone bigger with high bp and looking like diabetes was on the horizon. I’m back to plants and bp has come down weight is coming off and I feel much better. You post is great I think people just want to justify what they eat because it’s addictive and they can’t face a plantbased life they are used to being living sick and that to them feels normal. That’s how I used to be before I ever went vegetarian then vegan

  3. I was a strict vegan for a little over a year. It was very hard to get enough calories to sustain myself despite eating lots of beans and peanut butter (you do get used to the beans btw and don’t always have gastro issues). I lost a lot of muscle. I won’t ever do it again. I also smelled bad when I used the bathroom. You would think not eating meat would make the smell less, but it really makes it worse. It smells kind of like cat poo after a while. I mostly ate fruits, vegetables. beans, nuts. I also was never full. I would not recommend this. Now I eat lean meats for sustenance and make fresh organic vegetables my primary food. I feel much better. I don’t eat breads or pastas, avoid milk and eggs for the most part.

    • I’ve been vegan for nearly a year and have a very different experience. I feel healthier than ever, am regularly working out and have been hiking up mountains recently. I eat lots of good vegetable foods, stews, curries, pasta dishes etc. Lots of carbs! Maybe that’s the difference between us? I haven’t lost any muscle and can’t say there’s been any tangible smell changes in either direction. The more I read/research, the more it becomes clear to me that we’re not ‘supposed’ to be eating dead animals or their secretions. But for sure, I’d feel better if I ate meat again in one regard: it IS way more convenient, and less socially awkward than being vegan! No doubt about it.

  4. Please Vegans do some real research. Vegetarians do not live longer then healthy eating meat eaters. as a group they tend to be more active and wealthier. When shown against wealthy active meat eaters vegetarians live shorter lives, not longer. it’ s been shown that a vegan diet lowers I.Q. in women and causes cancer in men. May I suggest reading the vegan myth by Lierre Keith. Stop believing what big agribusiness wants you to believe. They are just as evil as the meat industry. Look for sustainable food and eat organic where you can.

    • Nice try Mr. Tyson — . Mean is a known carcinogen and it is the second leading cause of heart disease. Practice what you preach… read.

    • You people are either ignorant or stupid. One you can fix. The other, not.

    • I agree. It’s important to realize that our body really does need meat and it is incredibly difficult to get enough proteins and nutrients without it. I don’t like the idea of consuming animals because I can’t stand the way they are treated, though. I eat meat but I wish animals didn’t have to suffer so much. I like the idea of ancient tribes where every death was humane. On top of this, all the problems presented in the video can be fixed by eating balanced meals, mostly hitting macros/micros and counting calories.

    • Do some real research? Yeah, most vegans are doing real practical research. You don’t see people suddenly going on a different lifestyle than most of the population just because they heard it from someone. Lowering IQ? Are you mad? Causes cancer in men? May I suggest YOU to do some REAL research? What you are describing is absolute nonsense. You wouldn’t eat meat at its raw state would you? – hence what you’re eating is a processed food, mainly tasting good because of plant seasoning! And yes, the only proven way to extend your lifespan is through calorie restriction etc. But it’s also proven that, eating a vegetarian diet decreases many chances of having life threatening diseases, hence giving you a more enjoyable life, which is what is all about in the end…Peace!

      • I agree. Vegan and veggie is better I was vegan for a year went back to meat got poisoned got paralysed from that guillain barre doctors told me eat meat dairy you need it I put on two stone once active again running and my body went up I was tied all the time. I’ve got back to vegan and at first had a good clear out then the energy came back I’m loosing weight my running is more energised I’m out for 2 hours I feel a million times better again. Meat is acidic we are alkaline meat proteins help our body’s pull out calcium from our bones and excrete it Jensen high bone issues unlike Thailand china etc who don’t eat high meat and dairy and don’t have heart disease bone issues breast cancers yes it’s true plantbased is best and dairy contains caisen which promotes cancer cell growth and causes mucus also being acidic to the body de mineraliseing bones because the body thinks it’s got to re alkalise. Dairy is for baby cows. Meat is decomposed body tissue full of bacteria and growth hormone. Why do you think they tell you to cook it well to kill the bacteria. No one said that about a carrot !!

      • Nonetheless. There is no health-based reason to be a vegetarian. We all respect the sentiment that goes in to vegetarianism, whether it is affection for animals, or lowering your carbon footprint. I cant see the date on this video, but judging from the quality and style it probably isn’t very new. We know, that there is new research in the past few years that abolish excessive carbohydrate intake, and yet here we are taught that the “proper fuel” is carbohydrates… Just sayin’

        • It would kind of help everyones discussion to post resources of where you hear these things. But even if you do, theres just as many sources for your argument as there is against it. Anyone can write books or publish articles as long as they sell. Everyone wants to search for the truth but they usually are just drawn toward what they want to believe

          • Yes they can right books but you only need to look at the obesity rates heart disease rates cancer rates in meat dairy eating countries compared to non meat dairy eating countries I was a fit healthy vegan was told to eat meat dairy by doctors I put on two stone got high blood pressure high sugars felt terrible so I went back to plantbased I’m glowing loosing weight feel amazing again that’s proof. I had an unrelated illness but doctors said my plantbased diet was bad. It wasn’t I am living proof.

  5. Some people are truly poorly educated and ignorant. I have studied nutrition for almost a decade now, practiced many diets, and nothing has been more helpful and worthwhile than the whole foods organic vegan diet. Most of the material in this film, if not all is backed by years of research outside the current food industry, which is associated with big pharma, designed to keep people on meds through their diet. Trust me, I was one of them for the longest time, having started nutrition in their funded University courses. It wasn’t until I was taking nutrition in cooperation with biochemistry and researching deeply into the human super molecule and genome projects. There is nothing more truthful than what is said in this documentary.

  6. have you ever met a vegan eskimo?

    • They do not have a choice but to eat meat. There is not wild broccoli for them to hunt and survive. They eat meat because it’s the only food source easily available.


  7. “We are living in the age of Edision’s future doctor and the last thing many of them seem to do is interest his patient in the care of the human frame and diet.”
    Who wrote this? Besides being oddly-worded, it’s just plain wrong. I wonder how many physicians this person has seen in the last few years – one? Two at most? Let me guess, doctors want us all to be fat so they can make money off of the fast food industry and get us all gastric bypasses and triple bypass surgery? Idiot.

  8. inspiring documentary, all stuff i already knew but its always helps to here it again from someone who is passionate, thanks doc for spreading the word!

  9. He clearly knows nothing about evolutionary theory … that said we’d be much better off as mostly vegetarian!

  10. i’d like to hear what this guy has to say about island countries like japan, where a significant part of their diet consists of fish. yes, red meat is fatty and if you eat too much of it you’re gonna have some problems later on in life. I think the big problem in america is the amount of fast food they ingest. however, I dont believe that ingesting non-fried, home-cooked meat every once in awhile is gonna kill you. people need to understand is that nothing is good in excess, like, if you only eat vegetables then chances are you’re gonna ruin your colon. I think the key to a good diet is balance and teaching yourself not to overeat, also, to eat those high calorie foods only when you need that extra boost of energy. of course you’re gonna get fat and your blood will be saturated in fat if you just had fried chicken and ice cream for dinner. getting healthy doesnt necessarily mean cutting meat out of your diet entirely. again, this probably varies from person to person and i may be wrong, but i think that this guy is overdoing it a bit…

  11. i truly believe flour and sugar and empty carbs are the killer- a great book is ” The vegetarian Myth”

  12. I changed my vegetable heavy diet and ate meat for 15 years of my life for breakfast/lunch/dinner, two years ago at the age of 37 I was diagnosed with Colon cancer, I have undergone 4 surgeries (2 of them major) numerous chemotherapy cycles, I wish I knew better, I wish I was wiser, unfortunately no one told us that eating meat or junk food cause cancer.

    But I learnt the lesson the hard way, now we are back on vegetable diet again, also we are making our child aware of the consequences of eating meat.

    Like Dr Kapler says, ‘Wake up, it’s never too late’

  13. my opinion is that all food is part of the universe and as so all of it should be eaten but how animals are now grown is diferent then they were

    • from all the comments here, I truly agree with you.
      I want to add that every person is unique and everybody should realize that one diet does not suit all, you d have to go with what you know about yourself and consume what you think suits you best. Everything in moderation.What are we ? Stupid? Since when do we have to take so much advise and intake on our food? Industrialization is a bitch, but can still find a farmer or a nice grocery store..
      One would live better if one does not think about food such an obsessive manner.

  14. @CadenceAlexia Part of evolution is being able to adapt to survive in the current situation. The current situation is that the world cannot support the amount of animals we are eating. How does devolving to a hunter-gatherer state help the situation? You seem to think that the hunter-gatherers were better able to ascertain what is better for the human body than science.
    I don’t find all documentaries convincing – only when they make blatant sense.
    A 2011 ranking by U.S. News & World Report, involving a panel of 22 experts, ranked the Paleo diet lowest of the 20 diets evaluated based on factors including health, weight-loss and ease of following.[24] These results were repeated in the 2012 survey, where the diet placed 24th out of 24, stating that their experts “took issue with the diet on every measure”.[24] However, one expert involved in the ranking stated that a “true Paleo diet might be a great option: very lean, pure meats, lots of wild plants. The modern approximations… are far from it.”[24] He quickly added that “duplicating such a regimen in modern times would be difficult.”

    • And we continue to believe every bit of info Wiki provides. Do your OWN research on the subject and quit waiting for others to do it for you. Might want to look at some of the studies done and then look at just who funded them. They have an agenda you know, and you living a long healthy life isn’t one of them. They destroy your chance at health with lies and set you up to be a patient for life to keep the MD’s and the big pharma smiling all the way to the bank. JEEZ. Grow up and wake up.

  15. worth seeing

  16. thanks so much for sharing this! i now want to run out and kill myself !! hahaha seriously, thanks ..needed a reminder to treat my body better !! very great information

    Please look up a doco called “Fat Head” and look into the paleo diet. Meat in all its fatty goodness is not only great for the heart, but great for the mind and the figure. 

    •  What about eating Cholesterol? Saturated Fat is in Plant Based Products, but Cholesterol isn’t….

    •  yeah, so true, it’s the bread, wheat, sugar and high fructose corn syrup that’s eaten along with the meat that’s killing everyone. I’m also paleo, I eat high fat low carb, plenty of meat and eggs, I’m 5 ft three and 105 lbs, most being muscle. I won’t bother watching this. everyone should go look up the paleo solution instead and stop trying to avoid fats. I’m guessing this info is out of date and very dangerous for the healthy progression of the human race.

      • The Paleo Diet is unfortunately more ridiculous propaganda with little scientific backing.  Yes, humans have pretty much always eaten meat, but most scientists will strongly emphasize the ‘gatherer’ aspect of our past — as in our diet was mostly comprised of vegetables, grains, legumes, etc.  The fact is that humans now consume at least twice as much animal flesh as we did in the 1940’s, and since there has been a huge increase in obesity and health issues.  Glad to see two more lemmings so readily brainwashed by mainstream propaganda.   

        • humans consume twice the amount of meat since they did in the 40’s. sure, well done, but I bet they’re eating all the meat on top of, or in the middle of bread. Could you possibly entertain the idea that humans have also eaten twice the amount of junk food, chemically proccessed fake food, sugar, sodas and so on? Do you think that might possibly have more to do with the rising obesity issue? as meat is mainly protein, and ask any athele or nutritionist, it’s not protein that’s making anyone fat. If paleo is so ridiculous, can you explain to me one thing, when switching from a clean eating raw food vegan, to a paleo eater, did I see vast improvements in health, performance, skin issues, endurence and so on? why did that happen, why did I lean out by eating more fat? I’m so confused now you tell me it’s all propaganda, because clearly you are right. I’ve been experimenting with healthy eating for a year and not only reading a lot from both sides of the fence on the science, but trying these ways of eating myself over long periods of time. If that makes me a lemming, then I am proud to be one. Where do you get your information on Paleo having little scientific backing? You have to be very careful when it comes to looking at research and surveys, taking the harvard meat study as the most laughable and ridiculous. Are you an american by any chance? from the country that classified a slice of pizza as one of your five a day? ha ha – peace, carry on eating how you’re eating and I will enjoy living a longer and healthier life, I have no problems with that at all.

          • its not just about fat vs. protein vs carbs etc. its fine to chose to consume meat, but its very important -now more than ever in history- to look at the kind of meat, source of the meat, what the animal ate and how its been killed. grass fed cow is the only cow that produces truly healthy beef. most factory farmed animals eat cheap gmo corn/grain and regularly consume antibiotics and hormones (because they’re regularly sick). also, how the animal is killed affects the level of toxins present in the meat (the idea behind kosher food) and believe it or not, most true carnivorous animals only eat muscle tissue when their food supply is scarce- they consume the organs. In my opinion partially due to our horribly industrialized food supply, it seems like great measures and co$t are required to obtain truly healthy meat in large quantities~unless of course you’re a hunter. most grain and legumes are so highly processed and not used as the ancients consumed them, its no wonder there so much celiac disease, wheat/gluten intolerance etc.  one extreme or the other doesn’t seem to make much sense-being vegan is just as ridiculous as consuming a diet that’s almost entirely meat….

          • its not just about fat vs. protein vs carbs etc. its fine to chose to consume meat, but its very important -now more than ever in history- to look at the kind of meat, source of the meat, what the animal ate and how its been killed. grass fed cow is the only cow that produces truly healthy beef. most factory farmed animals eat cheap gmo corn/grain and regularly consume antibiotics and hormones (because they’re regularly sick). also, how the animal is killed affects the toxins present in the meat (the idea behind kosher food) and believe it or not, true carnivorous animals only eat muscle tissue when their food supply is scarce- (they consume the organs because the muscles are ) Im my humble opinion and our horribly industrialized food supply, it seems like great measures and co$t are required to obtain truly healthy meat~unless of course you’re a hunter. 

  18. It’s bad manners to criticize others for what they eat, but vegetarians and vegans congratulate themselves for it. They verbosely obsess about food and glance disdainfully at your plate while you’re eating. Vegans and vegetarians are not allowed in my home, and here’s why: I suffered for many years with colitis, and a properly researched and prepared, home-cooked, protein-rich diet cured it completely. High quality meat is expensive, so I work extremely hard and make many sacrifices to live in a place where I can buy it. I do not appreciate any political agenda that desires to deprive me, through false, sensational information, of the best form of nutrition that I can provide for myself, just because they think animals are too cute to kill. Horse hockey. When I go to the store I see all kinds of beautiful vegetables that were mercilessly cut down in their prime, but you won’t see me complaining about it because I’m too busy thinking about which vegetables I want to go with the bison steak. Whenever I meet a vegan I see the emaciation, the brittle hair, and the distended abdomen, I don’t lecture them about scientific fact. I just walk away and think to myself, “Good.”     


    • I’m with you. I have never met a vegan that looked healthy. Most skinny, pale and look like they don’t enjoy life. Their argument about the animal welfare also gets me. How many have adopted Bessie the dairy cow and gave her a good home. Should we just let farm animals become extinct? I in no way condone factory farming practices, so buying meat at the local supermarket IS contributing to abuse of animals. I buy only meat, eggs and raw milk from a local farmer that allows all his animals on grass 365 a year.

    •  I’ve never met an unhealthy Vegan

      Here’s some extremes on Vegans that are the exact opposite to your description

    •  Hi, I’m a previous vegan who is now on a grain-free, high fat, low carb diet to control my IBS. For years, the docs told me to eat more fiber, eat more whole grains. When I was vegan, I was easily eating 35-50 grams of fiber a day. I believed it nearly destroyed my colon. Now that I am eating fatty meats and animal products–I am nearly 100% better! Also my hair and skin look great and my bad cholesterol and triglycerides went down.

  19. Whoa!! more veg for me from now on…and less burgers…ive never had a heart attack and i dont want one

    • This video lied to you. It is very factually inaccurate. Did you know:
      There’s never been a single study that proves saturated fat causes heart disease.As heart-disease rates were skyrocketing in the mid-1900s, consumption of animal fat was going down, not up. Consumption of vegetable oils, however, was going up dramatically.Half of all heart-attack victims have normal or low cholesterol. Autopsies performed on heart-attack victims routinely reveal plaque-filled arteries in people whose cholesterol was low (as low as 115 in one case).Asian Indians – half of whom are vegetarians – have one of the highest rates of heart disease in the entire world. Yup, that fatty meat will kill you, all right.

  20. Im still not convinced that human beings as a specie would thrive without extra source of protein. Sure we’d “Survive” but then again we evolved into what we are due to high energy animal fat. 

    For non-physical lifestyle of course vegetarian diet is sufficient but as a diet for demanding work. Its easy to criticise people from position where you don’t have to perform physically demanding job.

    • this is very wrong, we get our energy from sugars and carbohydrates which break down into sugars. We only start to recruit fat after all of our blood sugar and carbohydrates are depleted!!!

      Then we start burning fat, and even then humans have the ability to recruit our own fat which is formed from excess calories, doesn’t have to be animal flesh!

      We begun to evolve intellectually before we begun to eat meat as we needed tools to hunt and cut meat.

      • We run our bodies from sugars and carbs, you’re right. This is why the human race is doing so badly. We’re getting it so wrong.

        Sugar is one of the worst things you can put in your body, so is wheat and gluten.

      • We ate meat before we had the tools for big game. Critters etc.
        Also, the grains & legumes only came into place with agriculture. So tell me, how the hell would you feed a person on a vegetarian diet without grains & legumes?

    •  I’m assuming you didn’t watch the whole video where Dr. Klaper clearly states that a lot of ATHLETES in PRO and OLYMPIC sports are on vegetarian diets.

  21. Its shocking how much incorrect information is in this documentary! Way too many to list…

    •  Well you can’t really make a claim like that and just walk away. At least provide a few examples.

        Please look up a doco called “Fat Head” and look into the paleo diet. Meat in all its fatty goodness is not only great for the heart, but great for the mind and the figure.  

        • I must agree in part with you however, eating animal fat may or may not make you fat, but I do know from observation that all my fat family, friends and community who are fat are also in to eating fat, and plenty of it.
          Same goes with drinking blood does not make blood, and eating bone does not make bone. Eating muscle does not make muscle, nor does eating the heart of a lamb make our heart any better.

          If you think dead animal fat is good for you. Please, if you will, walk your walk, talk your talk and believe it. Eat a portion on my behalf because it makes me feel sick.

        • Did you not see the data? I am no chemist or scientist but what he says makes sense, I suppose noone every really knows whether or not a study is bs or not. Having said this: I am guessing funding for the studies used for “fat head” and text like it were funded by big pharma, whose best interest is in keeping people sick but comfortable in order to make loads of money. IE hypertension meds you have to take “your whole life”

          If this man is lying, what would be his motive? he certainly isnt making billions from it. He is a doctor, he owuld make more prescribing apo-atenol and coumadin.

  22. The Global Governance Pyschopaths declared in the ’70s that the UK would be vegetarian. Good, I thought, saves all the suffering in production and the disease caused through the bodies inability to process animal fats effectively. I was w-r-o-n-g. It is the processing and production of flesh via Big Agra that is so damaging human health with synthetic hormones, chemical additives and the utterly disgusting way in which animals are reared and slaughtered. Soya is one of the most indigestable and useless foodstuffs on the planet; it blocks the bodies ability to synthesize nutrients and has to be virtually reinvented as an industrial gum (yuk) to make it even palatable. GMO here we go with vegetables unfit for consumption thanks to Monsanto and irradiated to travel halfway across the world to end up in stupid people’s microwaves. Meat and fish are necessary, together with vegetables for brain development, health and longevity. Whilst I was a vegan/vegetarian for most of my adult life, I had been brought up on traditional meat and two veg so ill effects of Soya and lack of animal proteins took some time to develop. Sustainability is another whopping lie.

    •  A friend of mine has been a vegetarian half her life and is just now experiencing the detrimental health effects of such a diet long-term. Among other things she experiences heart trouble and high blood pressure, despite regular exercise. She cautioned me at length to never be a vegetarian. It was quite an interesting discussion…. I would never have thought a vegetarian diet could be so unhealthy long-term.

      Thanks for the extra info and for sharing your story.

      • well, 1 person sample is very bad statistics! Of cause a vegetarian that only eats deep fried chips will die faster than a balanced diet meat eater.

        There are other facts to consider, like Congenital heart defects, and other heart defects that don’t come up until you age.

        Statistically speaking (when you sample thousands of people and not 1 friend), balanced vegetarian diet will always extend life expectancy and general health of the person

        • But, is that because of not eating meat or just the fact that vegetarians tend to be more health concious, more prone to take vitamin supps, less likely to smoke?

      • Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you only eat vegetables. There are tonnes of crappy foods out there that don’t contain mean that will clog our arteries. Not eating meat did not cause your friend’s high blood pressure. 

    •  the vegetarian myth is an retarded piece of anti-intellectual shit that references only other pieces of shit (protein power) written for people that believe whatever shit they read last.

      •  il never stop eating meat but how is it retarded?fat is not good for definately cut down

        •  Avocado is full of fat…..are these not good for you? Cashew nuts, again, fatty fat fat, are these not good for you? coconut milk and oil, full on fat, are you going to tell me that they’re not good either?? I think you will find you have been miss led. the right fat, healthy good fat, of which I eat a lot of, all day, is more than good for you. since I started eating high good fats from these whole foods, along with healthy fats from good quality meat, I leaned out, got more energy, feel great, look younger, everyone tells me how healthy and glowing I look. I live off fat and my body thanks me for it by making me look and feel amazing. People have just been lead up the wrong path that’s all. Fat is good for you, just not the fat from processed shit fake food that most of the western world lives off. Low fat food………….it’s high carb, which turns into glucose, which is just sugar, which makes you have a fat ass and poor health. look up Paleo, look up – it’s all clear and simple and backed up by science, and millions of people who eat this way and have great health.

      •  get off your pedestal

  23.  The world has found a new vegetarian in me.

    • Exactly the intentional agenda behind this film.

      • “intended agenda”

      •  Your point being not to follow any advice given? In that spectrum, I guess I’ll start doing cocaine on schoolyards.
        Ok cheap joke, but you’re insinuating that this film is some sort of propaganda, towards vegetarianism? You find the things said, not to be true? Like what, and why? 
        I am not one to research every stated fact, but it seems you are. So please, enlighten me.
        In regard, I find this lecture very confincing, and it makes sense to me.

        • I’ll start by first saying that Ive been a vegetarian for over 10 years but I can’t say this documentary is totally truthful-i also work in an environment that promotes true health through nutrition so with that being said I’ll offer my opinion/some facts-he states that there are no vitamins or minerals that you can’t get from vegetables. this is WRONG. b12!! which is crucial and does not come from any vegetables, fruits or grains. vitamin d3 (d2 comes from plants but not d3 and there IS a difference) he also talks about how excessive consumption of dairy products results in osteoporosis from too much protein but that doesn’t mean there are no healthy benefits from it (vit b12 and d3). its actually OK/healthy to consume organic free range unpasteurized eggs or *unpasteurized goat or sheep (not cow’s) cheese/milk on occasion. with all the facts he’s spewing about animal flesh and dairy, he seems to be advocating a *vegan diet, not so much vegetarian. I will also point out the extreme unsustainabilty of being a healthy vegan. realistically one wouldn’t thrive as a vegan without industrialized food supply and fossil fuels. my point is that you can have a healthy and truly “green” self sustaining food supply by employing the idea of permaculture or biodynamic farming/gardening- which both include raising chickens for eggs (and other benefits they provide) 

        •  pretty much all documentaries are convincing. would you expect a lion to be vegetarian? think about what humans ate when they first arrived on this planet. meat. eggs veggies. What are bodies are genetically designed to eat.

          The healthiest people are paleo people. No wheat, no gluten, no sugar is the most important thing. Being vegetarian leaves you at a risk of low protein. why would meat be bad for people? humans were hunter gatherers, they wouldn’t have spent all that time chasing meat around if it was bad for them.

          • Candence,
            Have you any formal studies on nutrition or just posting own opinion?
            What you have written is what we were all taught at school.
            Time to research maybe?
            May I help?
            Study nutrition, study nature get unbias answers.
            Each creature has a certain diet for it’s species.
            Cow’s eat mostly grass, and we – for the most part, being the most intellegent of the creatures on the planet, can send ships in to space but yet don’t even know what foods are most suitable for our body. Focussing mostly upon taste rather than nutrient value.
            Contrary to a plant based diet, we find much of the human race in a diseased state mostly due to the regular rubbish, non food products and the over indulgence of dead animals.
            The Paleo diet – (if that is only what you’d consume) is not healthy, but much much better than the standard dietary consumption of the human race. The rest of the planet who struggle through life with a host of diseases, if not now – they’re likely to be in the making. The vegetarians on average live about another 5 years longer than the conventional diet and the vegans live on average another 4 years on them.
            If we keep in mind that these diets do not eliminate processed snack or junk foods, we can estimate that a plant based diet will further enhance longetivity. Nutrition is more than food. It is also the air we breathe, the sunlight we recieve, the water we drink, the relationships we have inside and outside of our body. The radiations we recieve and give are all relative.
            We like to use the term in natural health that ‘structure governs function’. When we study each creature we can use this natural law also taught in physiology & anatomy. We can find what fuel best suits our bodies structure.
            We can study farming and find what works well for our planet.
            Why I choose to eat a mostly plant based diet is not only best for my blood, best for the planet, and best for the other inhabitants of the planet – the animals.

          • We are animals too. And the point of view that we have the greatest intelligence makes us smugly superior to all of our fellow creatures. How can some simplistic moral/political opinion change our GI tract? And cherry-picking data doesn’t recommend your intelligence.

          • It’s nearly impossible to be protein deficient while eating enough calories.

            Humans ate meat back then because there was little other choice. Their life expectancy was considerably shorter so the long term health effects wouldn’t have become evident. They also moved around, burnt off the energy and needed fat stores during times of hunger. Modern man is nothing like this.

            Have you ever tried eating a raw dead animal? Be a true omnivore and eat every bit of it too. Catch it with what your genetics has given you, no tools and weapons! No cooking fires and the like. I doubt your genetics would be of much use to you then…..

        • I agree with you ThankFree, the information presented here seems matter-of-fact and Dr. Kleper seems highly educated and  very genuine.  I can’t think of a time when empirical data equaled propaganda. 

          • what benefit does one have making a vegetarian propaganda film? Unless they want another person to benefit from something they believe to be true?

            It is silly  to confuse this with government or corporation propaganda where you are driven to believe into something directly for another persons benefit. 

  24. This was extremely educating.