Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry

The rivalry between football clubs Rangers and Celtic goes past typical name calling and dives into violence, racial slurs and pure hatred.

The rivalry between Glasgow’s “Old Firm” sides is the most famous in world football. It’s the game’s flagship loathing, proof of the power of the sport to inspire profound levels of tribal loyalty and a near-Pavlovian revulsion at anything to do with a rival. We examine the situation and try to get a handle on the political, religious, and national identity clashes that have shaped the rivalry, speak to fanzine editors on both sides of the divide and travel with the Bhoys’ away support to a match at Tannadice.

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  1. Don’t enter an Aussie Rules game with that attitude. There will be no hamburgers for you lot.

  2. The game has got nothing to do with it.
    You have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. Thank heavens one of the teams got bankrupt and now have to play in the 3rd div, so old firm days are over, for now…

  4. As a foreigner living in Glasgow, it seems to me that this documentary really exaggerates the atmosphere in the city. Especially I found that showing central Glasgow at night and playing gloomy music was quite the stretch considering those are very nice and safe areas.

  5. Bunch of idiots ALL. It’s a fucking GAME. Nothing but a bunch of dorks. Get a fucking life.

  6. Dont think the film crew and narrator really captured the correct image of Glasgow or the Old Firm. The whole soccer casual and firm scene has pretty much died, although if you are wearing green and white colours and you come across a group of people wearing blue and red, they will attack you. Since the only people who wear football colours are the football hooligans.

  7. An average documentary poorly narrated. It does highlight the social unrest in Glasgow during Derby day, however the type of fans it shows in the local pubs are no different to Liverpool, Man utd, Chelsea West ham et al type fans in these run down areas of their cities. Says more about football fans more than the old firm.

  8. Fuck Rangers! Sister shagging wankers.

  9. LOL @ the right-wing Muslim Rangers fan… Uncle Ruckus does have some relatives in Britain it seems.