For The Bible Tells Me So

For the Bible Tells Me So is a 2007 American documentary film directed by Daniel G. Karslake about homosexuality and its perceived conflict with religion, as well as various interpretations of what the Bible says about same-sex sexuality

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  1. i wonder how many would jump out the window from the ten floor if the bible told them so…holly shit!!! it would be heaven on earth !

  2. Guys what. I don’t even have to watch the documentary to know that its about not using the bible as the backbone for everything. If you think the bible is true, then its like a history text book. It tells us things that have happened in the past, the laws and culture back then in the middle east. To think that people make such a big deal about a book and the past is really… disappointing. From what I can tell, love and hate equally spawn from religion, and at the same rate.

    It is a way of understanding the world, faith, but it isn’t the only path. Really. The bible doesn’t say ANYTHING SPECIFICALLY about homosexuality, but it does mention a lot of things about how living your life with hate and disrespect for others is a definite no-no. So to those people using a book that is only one of its kind and talks about some events that aren’t even recorded on other texts in order to prove whatever they want, be it reasons to judge others or wage war, stop doing that. You’re being very closed minded that way.

    So yeah, homosexuality might gross you out, but don’t use a book that doesn’t even have a concrete timeline as your support. Just tell people it makes you uncomfortable and that’s okay. Same with those who think that the bible supports homosexuality. It doesn’t. I read the thing and it doesn’t.

    It does state multiple times that god will be the one who judges people, as in who will go to hell or not, not even jesus did that. So unless you’re god, don’t be hating on people for no good reason. And, since many of us who are on this site live in countries where you can make your own decisions, just choose to be homosexual or not homosexual and choose the people you hang out with that have a similar ideal. K?

  3. well I too am weeping; however, my tears come from these 10 producers to find so many evangelical leaders with no understanding of their Bibles. First of all those who spew obnoxious vitreall toward those who have a propensity towards homosexuality are cruel and hypocritical…and Jesus hates hypocrites. Secondly, Romans chapter 1 isn’t about homosexuality (at least as the core subject), it’s of all things about evolution…I know I sound insane; however, go to an accurate translation such as ESV and read it for yourselves. It clearly says that “when men and women refuse to acknowledge God as the creator of this world, God turns them over to all sorts of immoral behaviors as punishment for their defiance. We true Christians (who know that we too are vile and sinful and in need of someone to remove the death sentence that God has pronounced (I.e., for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life) and have thrown ourselves at Jesus feet and accepted His free gift of salvation by placing our faith in Him dieing for our sins for us 2,000 years ago, need to love gays and treat them no different that we would a neighbor or co-worker who is a fornicator…same difference…come to think of it why is the life expectancy of people committing this sin so high as compared to those who sleep with the opposite sex out of wedlock? One thing I’ve learned over the years is when I am accused of something that my conscience isn’t clear about, I “bristle”…and man I’ve never seen more bristling then I see within the gay community. Sadly drug abuse and depression for gays is above the national average…any thoughts on why?

    • The most likely reason for higher depression among homosexuals is the fact that society makes them feel pressure to be something they aren’t, and many face bullying or face being rejected or pitied by their close friends and family for something they should neither be rejected nor pitied for. Thank you for observing the loving message of christianity, but ‘tolerance’ of homosexuality of christians, though not nearly as bad as abject hate, is extremely hard for homosexuals to deal with because we don’t want people trying to help, cure, or fix a part of our lives that needs no fixing.
      I know that you cannot accept this interpretation because of your beliefs, and I’m honestly not sure why I’m making this post, but please if you can, try to think of homosexuality as a different but equal option to heterosexuality, only when people register the only difference in these relationships being the physical reality of the two (or, in the case of polyamory, more) in the relationship, can we have true equality.

  4. Most amazing documentary I have ever seen on the topic (and I have seen quite a few). Everyone must see this, regardless of where they stand on the topic because it does not take sides with homosexuality and condemn Christianity or the Bible, it simply provides much needed context. Definitely worth watching. Absolutely amazing.

  5. Forget gays, eradicate Christians. Absolutely mental!

  6. Please watch this doco….It’s excellent.

  7. Where does it say in the bible that having sex with children is alright with God? Where is that verse located? Wow, pure insanity.

  8. Very sad & frustrating to re-visit the dark ages every time one is confronted by an unthinking fundamental who cherry picks their philosophical & religious convictions without having once researched or thoroughly studied their own bible. It’s always far less a challenge to either blindly or even knowingly puppet those you look to for advice or counsel than to think for one’s self. As surely as someone proclaiming that “God said it & I believe it” the conversation might as well be over. You have at that point entered a circular argument without logic.

    It is encouraging to see many, once stubborn, narrow minded prejudiced “Christians” allowing reason, critical thinking & common sense to be the rule of the day in place of fear & hatred.

    Saw this doc a few years ago & I thought it was still worth watching again.

    • I’m not religious, but you have to realize that homosexuality is a perversion that is weakening American society. This is #26 on the stated goals of the Communist Party of America, as entered into the congressional record in 1963:

      “Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural, and healthy.”

      Their goal is to destroy Western civilization, you may think I’m exaggerating but research this a bit. That is their state goal.

      • Ha!!! Wow. Good one. You must be joking, for it is not possible for anyone to be this retarded.

      • What does the Communist Party of America have to do with a doc called “For the Bible Tells Me So”? I certainly don’t have to realise anything so absurd & archaic as homosexuality being a “perversion & weakening American society”.

        It is soft brains like yours that is truly the cause of a weakening of society. You’re not religious but you subscribe to antiquated notions & ideas that have long since been scientifically disproved.