Forced Adoption In The UK

RT (Russia Today) recently released this film which shines a light on one of the more controversial issues faced by some parents in living in the United Kingdom today and thats forced adoption. The UK is one of only two European countries that allows for the state to force a child into adoption without the consent of a child’s biological parents. Some families have had no other choice but to leave the UK seeking refuge in neighbouring countries such as Ireland.  Many human right activists have raised concerns about the fairness of such a system and the integrity of the social workers who determine if a child should be adopted or not.

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  1. As an adopted child and now a foster mom, I can honestly say that it really impacts the children negatively. I do think much more has to be done to keep children with their families. Moms and Dads need their own social workers who should do all they can to help families rebuild and reconnect. Simply removing children is not solving the problem! It will result is children being hidden which can lead to even worse issues. Shaming parents for not coping in a world obsessed with perfection whilst we all know that there is NO such thing as a perfect parent, is unfair and cruel. No-one can be 100% prepared for parenting, as in life it is a learning curve. Offer help, not shame and judgement!

  2. This is absolute rubbish. As a professional who works in this field in the U.K. I can categorically say to you that what is being alleged by the film makers is simply not true. The family in this case has its view – which it is entitled to, but it is the job of the film maker is to present a balanced analysis of the facts. Here, they are misleading the viewer by omission and at points, clear mistruths. Do not believe this propagander!

  3. Something is not being told here. It is very heavily biased in favor of the parents. I’m not saying it isn’t possible this is happening, I am saying that this isn’t the full story and one can’t make any logical conclusions based on this presentation.
    I don’t know about how the UK works, but we have forced adoption in the US. I work as a nurse that often sees children placed in foster care or adoption and I have NEVER seen a child placed in foster or adoption care that didn’t belong there. There was always a reason. However, I have seen many children placed with their biological families who probably shouldn’t be placed with their biological families. Is that to say that all foster or adoptive parents are appropriate? No.
    In Evgeny’s case, he did make a really dumb mistake. But, it was just that. However, the state needed proof that the father understood the severity of his mistake and that he wouldn’t make that mistake again which could potentially have caused disability and death to his child. He followed along with making that proof, and thus has custody of his child. I’ve had friends who have gone through similar circumstances and they are better parents for it.
    They never say what one of the fathers did, and for all we know, its not “minor” as they keep stating. Like I stated originally, something isn’t being told here. Its the same thing with Daisy. They don’t say why Daisy was forcibly adopted. No baby is taken away because a mother has depression, unless that depression is causing neglect. The same goes for the learning disabilities of that mom. Was she neglectful? Its obvious when you watch her on video that she isn’t always “present.”
    If things were done differently, and we left these children with the parents and the children had adverse affects there would be a similar uproar but from the other side.
    Again, there are huge chunks of information missing here.