Forces of Nature with Brian Cox

The BBC and physicist Brian Cox have teamed up once again in order to bring us Forces of Nature, a four part television documentary series which beautifully combines some of the most amazing sights on Earth with calm and methodical narration by the man himself Professor Cox, all to uncover the underlying forces of nature.

Episode 1: The Universe in a Snowflake

The opening episode of this series explores the stunning diversity of natural shapes in our world and how explains how they are formed by just a few natural forces.

Episode 2: Somewhere in Spacetime

Here we consider the nature of motion and explore the deep relationship shared between the Sun, Moon and Earth, revealing the role this system plays in aiding a wide range of natural phenomena occurring on Earth.

With the aid of a fighter jet capable of traveling upwards of 600 mph we discover how one could stop the Sun from setting.

Episode 3: The Moth and the Flame

The third instillment gives us a unique overview of how our planet Earth was formed and how the basic ingredients which mixed became the building blocks of life.

Episode 4: The Pale Blue Dot

An ode to Carl Sagan’s request to have Voyager 1 take one final photo of Earth before turning it’s equipment off, the photo of which is known as “The Pale Blue Dot”. It perfectly sums up how small we are in the greater scheme of things.

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  1. I lost total respect for Brian Cox when I watched a debate between him and a Australian Senator over global warming. The Senator destroyed Cox with logics and facts leaving Cox to name calling. It was quite sad how Cox behaved.

    • I find it pretty bizarre that you could think well-known climate denier Malcolm Roberts presented ANY logic on anything, let alone on climate science.

      Roberts spouted a lot of complete nonsense and refused to accept the evidence Brian Cox showed, claiming NASA, the Bureau of Meteorology and the British Met Office have “corrupted” the data on temperature rises.

      If anyone else is reading this, judge for yourself if Brian Cox was rude:

    • Oh please –
      Cox destroyed that Australian idiot. His ‘facts’ were total bullshit (as always with deniers) and Cox was perfectly entitled to point that out the way he did.

    • If you think that that muppet from our Senate made sense, you know about the topic as much as he does. And I have to say, that is not much.

      People talking shit deserve no respect. What the senator did was exactly that. Talked shit…

  2. Brian Cox is the biggest blowhard in the world. Why does the BBC ever waste pixels on him?