Forest of Crocodiles

What choices do white South Africans make when addressing their fears of crime and violence? Some are well resourced while others are ingeniously resourceful. The consequences are regression and isolation or freedom from fear.

Like crocodiles, fearful and well-resourced people can survive without evolving. But some people refuse to submit to their fears. For them, the future is an unknown country to be explored.

How does this divided community co-exist? These people are being pushed to the limits of their imaginations. To understand them is to feel their fears and walk in a forest of unknown things.

Broadcast on BBC World, TV3 Spain, Documentary Channel New Zealand, RTP Portugal and MNET South Africa. Distributed by Journeyman Pictures.

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  1. the anti-white people prove themselves to be hilarious and ignorant yet again.

  2. I believe their will be violence in south africa as long as the whites are there. They have gotten rich by stealing land, labour and wealth from the africans, and their average income is 55k usd per year, making them richer than most of europe and america. The average white farmer is a millionaire with multiple farms all stolen land from africans. While the average black is around 5k usd per year. The whites had not worked for their wealth they just simply stole it from the poor africans, so of course they are going to retaliate, the best solution is Zimbabwe style land and business reform, otherwise race war will likely ensue as the blacks grow more and more unsatisfied with what mandela and his followers have done to attempt to please and appease the whites who so readily oppressed them. Until the land reforms come, SA will always be one leader away from a Hitler who is far worst than a land reform.

  3. THe shoe is now on the other foot.

  4. These people should not have to live in fear because of the sins of their forefathers. People can argue that they deserve what they get, etc. But the fact is that these people are being attacked simply because they are seen as the white foreigners by a black African majority. I feel sorry for them, especially in this climate of PC politics where whites are further demonized

    • Sins of their forefathers, how about sins of them damn selves, half of those whites were out gladly shooting black children in schools and killing black people for protesting their dictatorship, hell even nelson mendela who you whites worship was thrown in jail. They are white and they are foreign to south africa. It is the conservatives who are always stating that children of illegals should not be given citizenship, and south africans never wanted the whites there anyways, they tried to boot them but the whites had too much weapons and criminality.

      Whites are demonized because they are demons, get over it. You go around the world murdering all the races and then say people are trying to demonize you, get real, the acts you are doing are nothing but demon like.

  5. It’s amazing how these people are playing victims and crying out loud for help. But when the blacks were being opressed, the world didn’t care, the UN had their airs close. Nelson Mandela did not revenge, in fact, he shared the power with his oppressors, now you guys have the nerves to complain, as if the blacks are the criminals?

    If things are so bad, how about you guys pack up your stuffs and go back where you came from?

  6. This, I dare say, is not such a good film. I lived in South Africa since I was born until the age of 25 (left last year) and I can tell you that this is a very extreme stance on the situation there. There are many good things happening in South Africa, people who spread this fear nonsense suck. Still, I would advice to be always streetwise and watch your back in South Africa;)

  7. atlist they have the money to get security , most of the people they call blacks cant , how did get money? by stealing land and killing African natives and this not long ago.. one sided doc

  8. Vegetables …lots of vegetables and seeds and bunch of people to love them all together. That’s what it takes to keep the crocks away.

  9. Surviving Communism is their biggest challenge, as in ‘to each according to his need, from each according to his ability’ on methamphetamines. Crime is now ‘hey, so you got a car, a bike, a women’ so i need some of that. They just take it; together with the lives if they feel they ‘need’ to. Anarchy in action. The butchers shops that used to be white farmers show the story, but I guess BBC wouldn’t wanna show that.

  10. Yikes, thanks for posting considering a trip to SA and its important to see different perspectives about the current status of the country.  If you have any more, please share in the near future