The Forgotten Irish

The Forgotten Irish is touching film which sets out to tell the story of those who immigrated to Birmingham, England from Ireland back in the 50’s and 60’s in search of work. Back then an estimated 60,000 Irish made the journey annually, all of whom were drawn in by the building boom and for the opportunity of work many of these people sacrificed their sense of belonging.

Through a series of interviews with several Irish migrants themselves we learn of how hard it was for them to leave family and friends behind knowing that they would never return home. It is heartbreaking a tale but this film does a wonderful job of illuminating the issue and breaking down well-worm stereotypes.

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  1. Where can I view the forgotton Irish part 2

  2. ’emigrated to’…. and fer heavens sake, its a 40 quid flight from brum to Dubh