Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed

The U.S. Bullion Depository, better known as Fort Knox, is home of the United States Army and one of the world’s most top secret fortresses. Hidden deep inside the vault is an estimated $73 billion dollars in gold. Almost all information about it is classified. Through interviews with eyewitnesses, rare photos and rarely seen films, we will construct a picture of what the building might look like. Hear testimony of those journalists and congressmen who were among the select few invited inside in 1974. Discover the history and secrets behind the Army’s tank warfare and the classified military technologies it will use to fight the wars of the future.

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  1. This is an older Documentary that I’ve seen before, but I did enjoy again!

  2. I love how most of this documentary is based on information from the 30’s. So virtually none of this is relevant. And what was with the armory division of the armed forces? Cool.. but not why I watched this documentary, at all.

  3. Good old History channel…never ceases to underwhelm me.

  4. utterly worthless documentary, incoherent blabber of the first kind.

    • couldn’t agree with you more. “we can’t tell you whats in fort knox, only whats not in fort knox”. what? like there’s no gold?