Frame 394

Frame 394 is a documentary short which follows a young man from Toronto who happens to have found himself wrapped up in one of America’s most high profile police shooting cases. Daniel Voshart was trawling the internet one night when he happened to stumble across a video which had just gone viral.

The video in question was filmed in North Charleston, South Carolina and depicted a white police officer, Michael Slager, shoot an unarmed black man, Walter Scott, in the back as he ran away. In the video we see officer Slager fire a total of eight times, he then walks over to Scott who now laying on the ground and plants what appears to be a taser beside him.

The video itself was filmed on a cell phone and appears to be very shaky making it difficult for those involved in the case to determine what exactly happened, this is where Daniel comes in. He is an expert in video editing and image stabilization so took it upon himself to try clear the video up as much as he could, it is an obsessive quest for the truth which makes for an extremely interesting watch.

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