Frank Gardner’s Return to Saudi Arabia

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner returns for the first time to Riyadh, the city in Saudi Arabia where he was shot by Al Qaeda in 2004 and left dependent upon a wheelchair. Travelling in this important and mysterious country, he explores how it has so far avoided an Arab Spring revolution. Frank Gardner’s Return to Saudi Arabia BBC full documentary 2013 Inside the saudi kingdom

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  1. Frank doesn’t pussyfoot around as he asks questions of the Saudi people he encounters on the streets, and during his interview with a prince.
    For a man who was once shot and nearly killed on the job in this Saudi Kingdom; he’s very brave (or crazy).
    I was surprised to learn that most of the Saudi youth are unemployed, and enjoy the benevolence of a welfare regime.
    The people are “sheltered and pampered”. For the men this may very well be true; The women are still oppressed and living under the dominance of their male relatives or husbands.
    The men enjoy their leisure time and have lots of fun together while their women are hidden away, God knows where.
    It never ceases to amaze me how some things never change.