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Can we trust our elections? My name is John. Since I was a kid, I have been a proud American. But after questionable elections led to disastrous outcomes for my country, I felt I had to find out if our process of electing leaders was secure. This investigation led me on a journey throughout Ohio, the pivotal swing state that decided the last presidential election. I met politicians, activists, election officials, journalists, attorneys, party leaders, a lot of cool locals who helped me shoot it all, and Jerry Springer.

The evidence I came across showed not just efforts to steal votes at the polls, but to systematically block millions of Americans from even casting a vote. When some people know they can’t win fairly, they’ll do everything they can to cheat.

My hope is that this will help everyone understand how our elections are really going down, right now in 2008, right here in America. Voting is not enough anymore. (though a huge turnout is key). As I found out, the 2008 election has already been stolen: We need to swipe it back.

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  1. Democrats have decided it’s easier to manipulate elections than convince people they are a better choice.

  2. @AnarchoRationalist
    Or maybe, both parties are not even fighting for control over one another, but rather staging a fight to draw attention from the fact that theyre conspiring with each other. Both parties are controlled by the same ridiculously rich lobbies. Let’s say the “defense” lobby and the oil lobby (Dick Cheney was vice president and major shareholder in Halliburton) conspired to win the election because they knew of W’s plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq (which he did have plans of even before his election, that is a fact) which would make them a ton of money with the Halliburton pipeline through Afghanistan and the capture of the oil fields in Iraq.
    Why do you think that 60% of people don’t vote? It’s mostly because they feel they and their views aren’t represented by their government, right? So the majority of people aren’t represented because they do not have the support of hugely rich parties with financial support from obscenely rich corporations.
    What’s the solution? I’d say strict laws to prevent corporations from infiltrating politics, to keep them completely separate, to use the same laws to keep the media separate from politics or corporationg, and to make it, somehow, so the people with the most money do not necessarily win the support of parties, and the elections themselves. Obama proposed a elections donation pool where each candidate gets an equal amount of money to spend on ads, but then again he made use of more money to get elected than any other candidate. This solution would also never happen, because it would take the consent of the already-infiltrated government which profits enormously from their complicity with corporations.
    So now whats the solution? Revolution, or people living outside of government. That doesnt necessarily mean outside of society, but it takes a whole lot of lifestyle changes. Look up Derrick Jensen, or watch any documentary on peak oil, water shortage, food problems, to find out that we literally are going to have to end or completely reshape how we live by necessity. So we might as well do it before we kill the planet.

  3. Ask yourself this, if, it is obvious that the 2000 and 2004 elections were manipulated in order to get the Republicans into the white house, why is it that the Democrats have dominated subsequent elections?

    Either the Republicans failed to cause enough vote tampering to influence the elections, or the Democrats are vote tampering enough to compensate, and out compete.

    And there you have it, the conspiracy. Both sides conspiring against each-other to dominate control of the state.

    Of course the elections themselves are split down the middle. Roughly half the country identifies as right-wing and the other half as left-wing. And on top of this the majority of Americans don’t vote at all. Even the 2008 election barely broke 60% voting populace.

    So what we have, are two large groups of people, fighting to control the state, in order to push their policy agendas on the other, and on the populace at large.

    The obvious solution is for Liberals and Conservatives to both have their own states, independent of any regional authority, in which they can pursue their own policy agendas without disenfranchising the each other. A, sort of, voluntary mode of governance. For the majority, or large minority, that isn’t voting at all, they can either go without a state, or associate with whatever voluntary state they best agree with. In this sense, each political party would simply become it’s own state. The Democrats, Republicans, Greens, and Libertarian parties would all simply become their own states, able to serve their citizens without having to fight over a single power source.

    Ultimately, the action that this documentary advocates, working harder to monitor and protect the election process, is a waste of energy and resources. Why get embroiled in an evolutionary arms race?