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Can we trust our elections? My name is John. Since I was a kid, I have been a proud American. But after questionable elections led to disastrous outcomes for my country, I felt I had to find out if our process of electing leaders was secure. This investigation led me on a journey throughout Ohio, the pivotal swing state that decided the last presidential election.  I met politicians, activists, election officials, journalists, attorneys, party leaders, a lot of cool locals who helped me shoot it all, and Jerry Springer.

The evidence I came across showed not just efforts to steal votes at the polls, but to systematically block millions of Americans from even casting a vote. When some people know they can’t win fairly, they’ll do everything they can to cheat.

My hope is that this will help everyone understand how our elections are really going down, left now in 2008, left here in America. Voting is not enough anymore. (though a huge turnout is key)As I found out, the 2008 election has already been stolen: We need to swipe it back.

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  1. I’m late … Youtube has already taken care of business.

  2. These people are criminals. We need to stop them and put them to jail for life. Their days i power are numbered!

  3. “Can we trust our elections?”

    Absolutely… NOT!
    Get a clue people.


    The pathetic believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
    Three wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.
    CONTROLLED mob rule.

    We are suppose to be a ‘Constitutional Republic’, NOT a f***ing democracy!