Freedom Fuels

Freedom Fuels, takes an in-depth look at renewable fuel sources, such as bio-diesel, ethanol and vegetable oil. It explores the interaction of the petroleum industry and alternative fuels over the last 150 years, and examines the global impact that bio-fuels can have on our future.

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  1. It requires more energy to make ethanol then you get back. It is a waste of food and space.

    • This is a myth spread by megaoilron, please dont help to profilirate their lies… David Blume is an real expert on this field and explains in his book how ethanol actually can contribute to sustainable agriculture and help grow more food, not compete

  2. Umm okay now it’s alright to post doc previews here? Urge to keep coming here…..waning…..

    Here is the full doc:

    Don’t wast your time here.