From Big Bang to Us: Made Easy

This series explains the scientific evidence for our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa, in a way that most 7th-graders would understand.

It challenges people who believe we were created by a deity 6,000 years ago to confront the evidence instead of ignoring it.

About the Author: Potholer. I’ve been a journalist for 20 years, 14 years as a science correspondent. My degree is in geology, but while working for a science magazine and several science programs I had to tackle a number of different fields, from quantum physics to microbiology.

My particular talent was my ignorance. By not understanding half of what I was assigned to cover, I had to reduce scientific discoveries from the complex to the simple.

If I wrote it in a way that I could understand it, then my readers could understand it.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these videos….its a shame they’re not required viewing for all so called Christian Fundamentalist or those who dispute natural selection or evolution. I highly recommend these videos and the guy who explained these theories was great too!

  2. can som1 tell why its all about somthing from nothing, as in how can somthing come from nothing, it has to have been there all the time just in a different state, like the atomes in a nutron star, tightly packed somthing the size of our sun compessed into the size of new york, whats so hard to believe that all the matter in the universe could come from a singularity, same as a black hole thats been eating stuff for millions of years, wow its sure is a big place tho

  3. Excellent series!  This is perfect for the average person who isn’t a scientist.

  4. For those who were commenting on the complexity of the video- did you not read the title? it says “mad easy” right there… thus implying that its EASY TO UNDERSTAND. 

  5. This documentary is intended to be a basic introductory video, giving people with little or no scientific background a rudimentary understanding of currrent scientific theories. If you’re looking for detailed, scientific information, pick a different film. This is trying to make the ideas accessible to younger viewers, and to an audience with no scientific understanding.

    “How The Universe Works”, “The Universe” (series) and any of Professor Hawking’s films are better choices for the more avid learner.

    That being said, my 8-year old son loved this doc, as did my 6-year old daughter 😀

  6. I love space documentary shows but this one was not impressive.The information was very incomplete.For example to work out the vast distances between stars Astronomers had to have a standard candle to measure by.A Cepheid variable star was that standard candle because they’re very predictable in they’re behavior .The next one to be considered a standard candle was the supernova.I realize everyone needs to start they’re knowledge somewhere and this might be considered a good entry level film but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone wanting to learn about the universe.He may have been a reporter but clearly as he admits he didn’t know a thing about the subject matter.

    Also civilization doesn’t stop at 6000 years it goes way farther than that and this isn’t disputed.Try more like 20,000 years with more findings already looking like they will push the dates further back then this.The oldest city up till only recently was in Mexico Tiahuanaco in the Bolivian Andes at 20,000 years it predates what this man claims by a very long time.The oldest known now is Adam’s Calendar found in southern Africa in the cradle of mankind dating back to 200,000 years with stone structures like Stonehenge and agriculture etc.

  7. when i was in elementary school.
    i just knew about the Earth, then when junior high school i knew about Planets and milky way. but now knowledge always become advance.
    do our brain can find something bigger new?

  8. Science is founded on a line of philosophical reasoning which suggests that true things can be known through empiricism, or through sensory information. Of course the idea of truth itself has been refuted by nihilism, so we can’t say that science demonstrates the truth, it only demonstrates observations relative to the observer.

    And much of the “science” discussed in this documentary is not science at all, because it does not deal with direct observation, but takes disparate pieces of data and then creates a fiction to tie them together. On other subjects it relies on mathematical reasoning which is, again not observation and thus not science, it’s another form of fiction, written in the language of mathematics.

  9. Its amazing how old our world is yet many still beleive in God and the mythology around gods yet science seems to prove outrank this idea this is a such great site im gunna come back here more often learn alot, have stumbled the site thanks.

    • If anything quantum mechanics and most important sciences are proving spirituality…..not religion. One love God bless

    • Hello English major
      Just thought you might like to know that religion does not deny the big bang theory. In fact it fully supports science and it’s efforts but the fact is, something had to have made those asteroids. there had to have been a start to everything and regardless of where that is, science cannot explain making something from nothing.
      As far as I know it was a scientist who said you Matter can not be created or destroyed.

      • It’s not nice to mock someone’s english skills without offering constructive criticism.

        You say that science cannot explain something coming from nothing, and at the moment, that is at least partially true. But the fact that science currently can’t explain something doesn’t prove the existence of a supernatural creator.

        You imply that you cannot believe that the universe just happens to exist, and yet you somehow believe that god just happens to exist? If everything needs a creator then what created god? Why couldn’t the universe have started in the same way?

        You seem intelligent, having embraced the Big Bang theory etc, you just need to think about whether your emotions are impairing you from applying your intelligence to the subject of god.

      • “but the fact is, something had to have made those asteroids”

        That is not a fact. That is your personal conjecture.