From Jail to Jihad?

BBC’s Panorama sets about investigating the growing trend of convicted criminals converting to Islam and the potential for these converts to become radical or fundamentalists. Within the last ten years the Muslin prison population in England and Wales has doubled to nearly 12,000 thats one in every seven. The prison service cant tell how many have converted inside or how many are adopting radical views, what is known though is that there is around 100 Islamist terrorists behind bars and around 500 more have been identified with links to extremist groups.

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  1. what white man would turn to islam and befriend those black beatss? He has to be gay.

  2. Prwisoners becoing wradicalized?

  3. It is an interesting documentary but the presenter has an extremely annoying manner of speaking. It’s right up there with people that enunciate each sentence as if it were a question.

  4. You can see they’re never going to solve this problem when even the prison warden feels the need to glorify Islam in a documentary about radical Islam. Why should he do that? We get testy when people do the same for Christianity, and frankly such statements aren’t becoming of a representative of the secular state. But it seems any time radicalism rears its head, the immediate response is to kowtow to moderate Islam.