Front Lines of the Libyan Revolution

VICE Founder Shane Smith takes you into the heart of the Libyan revolution, where the stakes are simple: victory or death. We head into rebel-controlled eastern Libya, traveling from the Egyptian border to Benghazi and then onto the front lines in Misrata to document the violent revolution.

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  1. One sided,yes. Not one word about the fact that without NATO:s air-support the rebels whould have been crushed. Nice shots of the rebels weapons though. 610

  2. weather it be a one sided doc or not…gaddafi was a murdering despot who destroyed a part of humanity for his own wealth and gain….a total megalomaniac that is not different to Hitler or Stalin..good riddance!

  3. These vice docs seem to be more about the people making them than the actual subject.

  4. One sided and shallow… but I suppose what else can be expected from Vice documentaries. Stick to what you do well,,, covering vice