Frontlines of Construction: Engineering for Terror

Design and engineering experts demonstrate the latest anti-terrorist technologies being used by military intelligence, from bulletproof laminates to iris scanners

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  1. im afraid of State funded terrorism , not guys in caves , 911 was an inside job

  2. That was a military plane. It was black all the way through. But in the simulations they make it pretty.

  3. Brought to you by the Department Of Goerbbles. 47X2 continuously welded steel columns “pancake” bend, twist displace, fracture in the weakest point along each column at 1 point, no pancake all the way down at approaching freefall all 94 columns. True comic absurdity.

  4. Fear-based economy.  I have more chance of getting killed in a plane crash than from terrorism.  Fear is a great excuse to take away our freedom.

  5. God.. Natural Geographic and Discovery Channel docos are way way way to dramatic.. How the mighty have fallen..

  6. haaaaaaaa if you dont try to invade other people steal their natural resources kill and torture their family members and bombard their cities you got nothing to worry about.  propaganda machine still rolling I bet all the dumb fuck americunts are eating all this shit up. Dont worry pretty soon they will start to use this technology against you like they are doing with the spying drones

  7. Do you think terrorist will attack the internet?

    • Why would they attack something they use? terrorists need propaganda outlets just like country’s do. country’s use tv, radio etc. terrorist’s (mostly the relatively organized ones*) use the Internet.

      *people these days seem to think there is this huge terrorist orginization. while that impression might seem to be true, with the way some media outlets present it, the actual terrorists are mostly badly organized groups which are easily found and dealt with. the terrorists people should actually fear are the loners like  Theodore Kaczynski (Unibomber) Anders Behring Breivik (Norway Bombing and Shooting) etc. These people are dangerous and practically undetectable.

      • although i do certainly agree with your statement regarding the media’s overblown portrayal of terrorist threats, i have to highly disagree with your assertion that “the terrorists people should actually fear are the loners…”

        first of all, there isn’t any group or demographic that ‘people should actually fear.’  any act of violence that is truly ‘terrorism’ was an act perpetrated with the intent of causing fear, and therefore reacting in fear is not only cowardly but also an act of defeat.

        also, asserting that ‘loners’ (in itself a rather reductive way to view a human-being) are who “people should actually fear” reinforces an atmosphere of xenophobia which has no place in any society, regardless of attacks made by one small group of extremists or another.

        but hey, don’t mind me, i’m a dirty, dirty hippie (aka commie)

        • haha woops, sorry wilmer, your comments were quite even-handed and logical, especially compared to those who made this ‘docu’ whose message, if anything, is: BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.

  8. “No matter where you live, anyone can be a victim”. Awesome, thanks for keeping the fear buzz going.