Frost over the World – Julian Assange

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talks about secrets, leaks and why he will not go back to Sweden.

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  1. Julian Assange likes the attention he gets too much… thus his motives are suspect imo. Just ask his former workers who left Wikileaks and have started Openlinks.

  2. It is clear that Julian Assange is the focus of a lot of attention. He has done something few people would dare to do. But that does not justify rape. If he is guilty, then he should be charged. If he is innocent, he should be released.
    How ever, the legal system in my country is only doing its job. I dont think for a second that there is a conspiracy, I dont think the rape charges are just made up.
    If a man is so afraid of going to court, there must be something he is hiding.
    I mean come on, the US got to have better puppets than Sweden ^^

    • No, it doesn’t justify rape.

      There is scant information on the net about the accusations, probably for legal reasons, but as far as I could discover it’s a broken condom with one woman, and unprotected sex the morning after having protected sex the preceeding evening with another woman. These two women came to know each other, talked about their sexual encounters with Julian Assange, and went to the police to inquire about the possibility of forcing someone to have an HIV test. One prosecutor opened a case, the second one closed it, and a third reopened it.

      Of course, that’s much longer than “rape allegations”, which a lot of news outlets write with no further explanation to stir up controversy and increase readership.

      I do not share your optimistic view on the justice system, even of a democratic country like Sweden. Maybe there is no political conspiracy coming from the US, although I think that certain people there would love to imprison Assange and throw the keys away. The legal system in Sweden is still made out of people with flaws. State attorneys who want to further their careers, money grabbing lawyers who love publicity cases like this, and the news media which know exactly what to report and how to report it to increase readership and get more ad money.

      That’s exactly why I think that sites like Wikileaks are so important for democracy. I want to read the whole story, not the edited one. I also want to read information that governments deem “secret”, because it wouldn’t further their public image.

  3. This is a classic example of the States trying to bully other countries into following their agenda, the funny thing is that its only a few people in high government that are pulling these strings. If Julian such a criminal then why is he being so cooperative? answer is he isn’t. Remember what happened Marc Emery? Extradited from Canada to the States for a crime that his own government wouldn’t charge him with.
    In the words of Edmund Burke
    “The only thing that has to happen in this world for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

  4. Leave Obama out of this. Obama supports what Assange is doing, but as president, you don’t want to be seen as supporting what other nations label a traitor. Obama wants and has a transparent government and Julian Assange is exposing government secrets (people don’t be stupid, Obama is happy that someone is bringing out all the dirt he cannot bcos of the kind of people around him- as president of USA, your hands are tied, bcos u are not the only one with power).So whatever Assange does compliments well with what Obama does. At the end of the day, both men want transparent governments people can hold accountable for their actions.

    • So now we’re calling the bold faced lies ‘transparent government’?

      Obama is a brand name designed, created and controlled by the corporations, he is the corporate Messiah that is going to come in and make the changes necessary to save them from their own greed, while still allowing more greed.

      Seriously some people need to get a clue – the physical wealth of the average American family has steadily decreased since the bankers hijacked the monetary system in 1913 to the point where a large portion today have only debt with no wealth at all, while the wealth of the corporations and banks themselves has steadily increased by insane figures.

      Now that the lowest classes of the American people have almost been sucked dry it’s time for Obama to pave the way for a more ‘socialistic’ government that will use taxpayer dollars from the middle classes(who still make money to pay taxes) to clean up the massive mess left behind by the banks and corporations, so they don’t have to pay it themselves.

      Hence the bailouts, hence the U.S government taking over GM and making the taxpayers foot the bill for restructuring and fixing GM’s horrible business practices, hence the ‘corporatized healthcare'(as I call it) since the people can’t afford insurance themselves without wealth the government will use those still capable of paying taxes to foot the bill paid to the private insurance companies – no worries about a claimant not missing a bill payment as the government won’t miss any, and even for those previously uninsured who the insurance companies weren’t making money off of before.

      Obama is streamlining the process of making the rich richer and the poor poorer by using taxpayer dollars to pay those corporations to clean up messes they themselves created through greedy business practices known as ‘profit before people'(actually required by UCC law in U.S, primary responsibility is always to shareholders/investors/profiteers and not to stakeholders/employees or the public).

      So the corporations created problems and now the taxpayers are paying those corporations to fix the problems they created, while the corporations continue to get wealthier and the rest of society gets poorer.

      Eventually enough of society will become so poor that we will give up our unions and our high expectations and fine living lifestyles and accept far lower salaries and living standards so that the corporations and banks can start all over again. Only next time they start over it will be with far more centralized power globally as a one world government that they should be able to sustain better.

      Obama’s “change” is no different than the “change” pledged by countless politicians before him, the only difference is that changes are actually being made this time but they aren’t the changes he is promising and they will not benefit the average Joe or Jane. If that were the case those bailouts would have been to the taxpayers to save them from the corporate greed that is destroying their country, not to the greedy corporations and bankers that are the cause of that destruction.

      • My man, I couldn’t have stated the facts more clearly. You are straight as an arrow on this. I am currently living and working in Thailand and the same shit is happening here. Americans NEED an outside perspective coupled with a real sense of history to be aware of the atrocities that are permeated by our government/corporations. Thank you.

    • hi steve, what exacttly do you mean by that statement,happy new yr

  5. @ Kelsey

    I bet I could find at least 2 women who might agree with you. Good luck talking to them though.

  6. I can’t be the only one who thinks Julian Assange is kind of cute.

  7. yeah but you still have idiots that say “if we went to war over oil (natural resources and war contracts) then why is gas still expensive” OH MY GOD are you really that stupid? So i say “let me get this straight, you lie, kill, cheat, so you can save some joe 2 dollars at the pump? or do you jack up the prices to make trillions. Do they not understand the men who control our country are ex-leaders and CEO of multinational corporations? let me put it in lame terms for you THEY HAVE NO ALLEGIANCE TO ANY COUNTRY!

  8. Julian Assange
    Someone wants to go rip that Nobel Peace Prize out of Obamas blood soaked hands and give it to Julian Assange

  9. merry xmas