Fukushima: Five Years On

The biggest earthquake in Japans recorded history sent a series of massive tsunamis hurtling towards the coast. The waves would strike with unstoppable force, crushing almost everything in their path, sweeping away entire communities and traveling as far as 10 kilometres inland but this however was just the beginning of a triple headed disaster.

Originally aired in 2016, this film sees ABC Australia’s investigative journalist Mark Willacy travel back to Fukushima five years after the disaster in 2011 in order to examine this ongoing drama. We see Mark visit the very heart of the nuclear fallout zone and speaking with people who are forced to confront Japan’s biggest crisis since the Second World War.

With recent reports coming out stating that radiation levels around the reactor are an all time high since the meltdown in 2011, it is evident that Fukushima is still very much a real issue in global affairs.

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  1. Okay…this disaster is far from over..although WE may not be.
    These storage containers multiplying with no end in sight..unprotected and leaking liquid with nowhere to go but into the ocean..just waiting and vulnerable to any minor event to let go of this ever increasing amount of radio-activity.
    If you believe ,you better get on your knees and pray.
    My money still bets on Trump… as being the biggest danger to the worlds continuing existence…but this may be the runner-up.

  2. Good film, worth a watch, shows very well the impact on people who lived near the plant in local villages and towns. Some of the peoples individual stories were genuinely very touching. Their determination and refusal to give up is something else. The film even shows admission from TEPCO of their struggle to clean up the disaster and maintain the site. Leaves you questioning how they could have been so stupid or ignorant to build in such a well known tsunami and earthquake prone zone!!!

    My only real wish is that they explained the impact of water leaching into the ocean and the fact that this nuclear disaster is still much worse than is illustrated in the film, this will not just be decades for a semi decent clean up but also possibly permanently damaged local wildlife and oceanic species , once the radiation is in the ocean surely it is free to spread from the coast outwards making its way around the ocean in contaminated sediment and wildlife among other things?