Future Weapons: Mission Invisible S2/E4

Join Mack aboard the USS Texas – the first in a new class of super-silent multipurpose submarines. Catch sight of weapons that are so stealthy, you can’t see them coming including the latest B2 ‘Spirit’ Stealth Bomber, Barrett’s 416 long range sniper round and the Krakatoa anti-ship sabotage device.

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  1. The USA Military must think that every country in the world is out to destroy them. They look upon everwhere else in the world as “Targets” and throughout this documentary they’re constantly refferring to “The Enemy” and how this plane or sub or gun will take them out without them ever knowing what hit them or why it hit them…Who is the enemy today and when will it be us? They spend billions on developing and stockpiling this high-tech weaponry, similar to the way Germany did in 1938 and the world can live in fear that some day they’ll use it. I just hope that the United Nations will control them because after the Bay of Pigs, Grenada, Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan…it’s hard to trust the Americans.

    • Its called world domination. Someone will always try to be #1 because humans are pathetic creatures. They need to see an Armageddon to change the way they think about life.
      I hope our parasitic race is all dead so this earth can breath again. We only use and give nothing back to this earth.

  2. That man has some ego problems or a small dick which he compensates for by getting off on guns & killing.

  3. Another episode of the same creepy presenter nearing orgasm by talking about and handling guns

    Rather than appearing on TV he needs locking up so he can’t harm others.