Future Weapons: Search and Destroy S2/E1

In this episode of “Future Weapons“, we discover the AS50 semi-automatic sniper rifle, the Vulcan and Aardvark mine destroyers, the SMAW-NE shoulder-launched thermobaric munition and the Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle.

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  1. @Horace, @zeze

    Look up Bushido, the Japanese tradition of warrior Buddhism.

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  3. @july
    lol you bet he gets a woody from handling guns.
    this guy is the bigest clow i’ve seen in a lot of time.
    i did a search on him, he says he is a budist LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL a budist that loves guns!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  4. Made me feel sick and dirty watching it … swear the presenter gets a wooddy from handling the guns – creepy & distrurbing