Gaga by Gaultier

Lady Gaga is one of the most talked about people on the planet. He is a fashion icon and the cult presenter of Eurotrash. She is the music artist who claims the right to be different. He is the first designer who launched non standard models.

Lady Gaga and Jean Paul Gaultier are both free artists and have so much in common, yet they have never met, until now. The Popstar has decided to confide in the designer, going face to face in an enriching and unforgettable interview at Jean Paul Gaultier’s fabulous atelier in Paris.

Lady Gaga reminisces about her fulgurant career and unveils how she likes to liberate herself with her ability to change and how fantasies become her reality. She also discusses her particular relationship with her fans, the absolute control she exercises on her image and business, how deliberate provocation can become a marketing tool, her passionate love for fashion and contemporary art, her ultimate ambition, meetings that marked her life, and her social and political commitments.

These revelations will be illustrated by great archive footage on Lady gaga’s personal and intimate life, her first steps in New Yok’s cabarets and her amazing performances in concert around the world. Gaga by Gaultier, the creator unveils the creature.

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  1. A wonderful introduction to two lovely people with great heart and great talent.