Game: Life After The Math

The Game spits the truth about his rise from the streets of Compton on camera and on stage with insights on a chaotic childhood, the drugs, the shootings that almost killed him, the falling out with G-Unit, his infamous beef with 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, and his rebirth as a multi-platinum powerhouse. The Game delivers with previously unseen concert footage, shocking interviews, and original music.

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  1. Who give’s a flying fuck wot you think. No music is original enjoy it for wot it is and if you cant then continue to leave ignorant negative comments on any comment box you can OR alternatively GET A LIFE.

  2. ”i couldn’t ever be with a woman as big as me, i guess prison will do that to a man” hahahahahaha. i love how series some of this is , while being overly cheesy, over dramatized , pretentious crap .  

    • also………why the overly long sections of a beat playing over a , what is a montage i guess, every 5 minutes weirdly to long 

  3. Good to see variety on the site. It’s a good doc on his life since his fame started; it’s refreshing to see him open up and seem normal. From what he started at in life, compared to now, he’s a lucky one and he knows it. Love the variety on the site, keep it up!

  4. Another self promotional load of bullshit…hmm what a coincidence this is on here 2 weeks after 50 cent had a documentary here…come on documentary heaven….lets have some interesting educational stuff instead of this abomination to evolution, fuck rap and pop music , its all digested by young teens who are more than willing to pay for this fuck wits floor length mink coat and hamburger limousine,

    please throw up some space docs or at least ease up on this sort of fuckin shit garbage   

    • More space documentaries? Just because this a documentary about rap music does not make it any less legitimate than any other genre on this website.  Take it for what it is, a biographical documentary about a young artist’s life and struggle to produce his art form.  Step out of your sheltered bubble for a second and appreciate that culture is produced in a variety of ways.  

      This is a solid documentary about The Game’s life, featuring gritty details about his childhood, and providing insights into how he found his voice as an artist.  Worth watching if you’re into musical rag to riches stories, sprinkled with some crack ontop.

      •  If I want rags to riches stories I will watch Xfactor where people get trough because they talk about there dogs getting cancer and how there family’s were wiped out in car crashes, your living in a pop culture dominated world where you drop to your knees, have a cry and help support assholes make millions degrading women, calling each other niggers, and trying to justify the so called “hustlers life” which embodies  murdering people, racial abuse and how you would punch an old woman in the face and rob her handbag just so your daughter could eat that night, you clearly are the one who refuses to step out side of the shit “commercial TV and radio” That has bombarded all social outlets for the profit gain of huge record labels and the likes of global media such as MTV,

        and don’t go calling them artists in such a hurry, hip hop/rap is solely dependent on the sampling of 60s/70s black soul music, the likes of (The Game, 50 cent, P diddy, Kanye West, 2 pac, Biggie smalls) all took  90 percent of there beats from true artists like Bill withers (Lovely  Day/Aint No Sunshine) and even Neil Rodgers/Sister Sledge

        Your so called “artists” steal legendary music from dead heroes and just “Rap” over the original beat, but of coarse you wouldn’t know that because your too busy defending what you “think” is original music because that’s what the huge corporations like MTV and YouTube tell you…

        End of the day, support all the phonies you like, if there’s one thing the internet has shown us it is that if you package something nicely enough no matter how horrifically bad the talent, you’re sure enough to make a couple of million if the children are susceptible enough.

        Do your research before defending lowlife, money driven,label manufactured …..Heh…Hem…”Artists”

        • your a clown and just because the is sampling in hip hop does not mean its dependent on it, theres sampling in all kinds of music now days, theres like 1 bar of someones voice or half a bar of music per sample the rest is just the rapper or mc applying his craft it breathes new life to old music and makes people see it from a different persepective, hip hop is an art form with many different types of rhyming patterns and styles and covers many different topics from whats happening in the lower/ common side of life, government, politics and whats relevent to everyday life, but i guess your just a narrow minded upper class nerd who listens to music by singers who sing other peoples songs that have been written for them with someone else playing the music behind them and then u call them a legendary they may have legendary status but at the end of the day the majority are just a voice with no creativity or musical talent and no 90 percent of the beats are from the likes of dr dre, dj premier, pharrell, kanye west etc so go do some research and get back to me instead of naming names and running your mouth, hate people like you !!!

        • congratulations, your an angry moron