Game Over: Kasparov And The Machine

Released in 2003, Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine is a film by Vikram Jayanti which chronicles the tale of how Garry Kasparov, the highest rated chess player in history and World Champion for 15 years straight (1985 – 2000) lost to IBM’s chess playing computer known as “Deep Blue”.

In 1996 Kasparov initially beat Deep Blue but upon winning he agreed to a rematch. This rematch took place the following year in May 1997 and Kasparov started off by winning the first game with ease. However in the second game Kasparov found himself struggling but set a trap that most computers would fall for. Deep Blue didn’t fall for it and ended up winning this match to level with Kasparov.

The following three games all ended in draws, by this stage Kasparov appeared to be psychologically drained and with this Deep Blue managed to win the final game, marking the first time in history that a computer had beaten a World Champion in a match of several games.

Kasparov later went on to accuse the IBM team of cheating, suspecting that there was human intervention during the course of the match to improve on Deep Blues strategic strength. Including interviews with Kasparov himself and other key figures this documentary tries to shine some light on what truly happened all those years ago.

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  1. For those who cannot see the many Dimensions of Chess and how drastic it becomes to “The Chess Of Life” I give an example. “The Player” Sacrifices Three Skyscrapers which is Two Rooks and One Knight, and then Sacrifices another Knight that is the brain center for Warfare. The audience just knows that “The Player” is not very good at the game and has lost the game entirely; however, “The Player” now uses the lost pieces to undermine a Constitution that now places “The Player” (Above The Law) and now with the “Above The Law” status “The Player” Catapults itself to “The New Roman Empire” which is “The New World Order,” and with “The New World Order” status “The Player” begins to take over the entire Chessboard which just happens to be The Entire World, and this becomes “The Grand Chessboard” which now “The New Roman Empire” controls! You can now see that the lost Chess Pieces were all intentional in what is called, “A Sacrifice.” This is what “The Chess Of Life” looks like inside the Human Being Mind; thus, this becomes “The Psychology” of “The Player” and such a “Psychology” of “The Player” is often times “Too Disturbing” to contemplate because it is too close to that of a Biblical Prophecy; thus, comes the “Painful Required Calculations Of Thinking” that is a very common discipline found in Chess; as well as, in “The Chess Of Life.” Chess Sets are often purchased just for Home Decorations; Chess is even illegal in some Nations which means that you probably cannot even have it for a Decoration. Chess is one of the most respected games in The World; even some NEWS Papers have daily Chess quizzes. Chess has a written language which means it can be read all over The World in which you do not have to be present at the actual game to see what is going on. There is even Chess that is played by mailing your move to anyone around The World, or emailing your move; however, you must know the language, and the most common Language in Chess is called, “Algebraic Notation.” Even the Entertainment field; such as, Movies and/or Music etc… use Chess as a subject for a theme, or simply for a display. Chess Sets are made in many styles and in many materials; my favorite Chess Style is called, “The Zagreb 59 Series” and my favorite materials used are of particular woods called, “Bird’s Eye Maple” for the white squares, “Maple” for the white pieces, and for the non-white squares I prefer “Rosewood” and for the non-white pieces I prefer “Bloodwood.” EYE 5

    • you would be right in your annoyingly of the world trade centers, but these players are playing a game they know they lose. their price was/is wealth, ours is love. now who wins such a game, better yet, who would even play such a game? GOD would, because wisdom is taken home and shared with those you love…

  2. he is righter than he knows. a spirit sit inside the computers…