Gangland: Hell House

The Syndicato Nuevo Mexico is a brutal gang that rules the prisons of New Mexico. Also known as the “S,” they boast a rap sheet that includes drug sales, vicious beatings, and cold-blooded murder. Formed in the 1980s after one of the deadliest prison riots in US history, the “S” has become one of the most feared prison gangs in the country. If prison is hell, than SNM is the devil.

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  1. Pure craziness!
    This doc shows a prison that is clearly out of control. Why would any one in their right mind work there?
    I think the local government is just sitting back and allowing the gangs to kill each other.
    Total segregation and lock-down 24 hours a day would bring the violence and drug trafficking to a screeching halt.
    New Mexico, at the time of this doc, didn’t use it’s “three strikes” law. So the killings go on and on and a couple of years are added to each sentence.
    I shake my head.
    One more thing, Darren White has the same hair stylist as Stephen Harper.