Gangland: Skinhead Assault

The Volksfront originates in Oregon prisons and becomes one of the fastest-growing, neo-Nazi gangs in the United States.

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  1. That pic is from a movie I believe so I guess it would look cool.

  2. omg, he looks so cool.
    dont he?

  3. omg, he looks so cool.
    dont he?

  4. What a bunch of idiots – they can’t even pronounce “Volksfront” – their own name. And the American oversensationalist approach of the doc is pretty annoying

  5. I feel sorry for them, they need more love. I think they are only there because society made them.. Sad indeed

  6. 100 strong after ten years…LOL…this is a nothing knuckle-dragging, coward, “hick” group of fuck-wits, uneducated in the extreme. Why would the History Channel deem these “no-marks” worthy of a documentary? People have more friends on Facebook after three weeks! LOL!

    Three more points:

    1. Original British skinhead style and culture involved listening to Ska and Reggae music… you know – black music!

    2. Typical sensationalist “American-style” documentary. Heavy rock music for “sinister effect” and “deep voice-over” to add pseudo importance to the documentary subject matter.

    Sensationalist crap! This film makes me so happy to be English and have the BBC and Channel 4 catering for my documentary appetite! I’ve wasted an hour of my life watching this crap, an hour I’ll never get back!

    Curtis Munchsky…a nice arian name…LOL.
    100 members in ten years…what a joke!

    • Totally agree. A typically sensationist american doc (no white american is native if skinheads want to get real about it) but is really about kids who have no love, disillusioned with life and confusing it with hating other humans.

    • Because unlike most “gangs”, Volksfront looks for quality in their members, not quantity. So that would explain the low membership, they simply don’t recruit everyone

    • Because unlike most “gangs”, Volksfront looks for quality in their members, not quantity. So that would explain the low membership, they simply don’t recruit everyone

  7. Not available in my country -.-

  8. today your not a racist unless your white.your not a victim unless your black.

  9. What are they talking about? White people also sell drugs and rape women… Stupid assholes…

  10. Although I don’t agree with them and their criminal acts which are typically and historically been done before, I watched the Mexican gangs and black gangs and in comparing them, this specific gang seems to have at least entrepreneurial skills. They at least buy land. Yet very very weak they have a tiny conscience and ethics which is potential. And since one person actually on his own free will decided courageously to leave because he intelligently made an assessment about his life and decided to move on, shows potential of understanding what’s right and wrong.

    I never saw that in the other gang documentaries; correct me if I’m wrong.

    Now the murderers are just that.

    Mexican and black gangs seem to be an unending spiral without hope who only deal in drugs, prostitution, murder, theft, etc. If you’re in the way . . . oh well! And they seem to just lust for that kind of life, and their children become what they are, continuing for generations.

    By the way I’m not white or black or Mexican.

    The Skinheads should go to Romania or Bulgaria and take care of some of those little orphans. These little white children need their help. Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children: Revisit… Maybe they can amend their lives and see that there’s more to life than the one they’re living.

    • I’m not sure suggesting (white) international charitable work they could do is what’s needed here.

      Why don’t they go and save the polar bears, they’re nice and white too.

      • I suggested White children because apparently other colors offend them.

        I suggested humans because they are more important than polar bears. In fact I wouldn’t mind having a polar bear fur coat. I use to have a genuine seal purse, alligator shoes and a genuine cheetah clutch. I gave my mink fur to my daughter.

        I can careless about polar bears!

        • You are accepting and indulging their racism and ignorance by suggesting nice white activities.

          Yeah, nice wardrobe!

          • polar bears have black skin !

          • and you think no Skinheads do ? Its been estimated that a significant portion of White Americans have a Black ancestor that they don’t know about. In the beginning, many mixed race slaves who gave birth to 3/4 White children went on to pass for White by moving far away from people who would recognize them.

          • polar bears have black skin !

  11. This makes me feel sick to my stomach. what horrible, horrible people.

  12. The style of this doc is quite annoying to watch, as the same information is repeated every few minutes.

    Also, why give these hateful morons a platform?