Gangs Of Britain: Glasgow

Glasgow is a city divided, cut in half by one lethal weapon, the blade. Knife crimes and razor gangs have been a presence on the streets of Glasgow for nearly 200 years and there are more scared faces here than anywhere else in Britain.

In 20o2 the World Health Organisation declared Scotland as one of the bloodiest nations in the western world and Glasgow, the murder capital of Europe. The roots of this violence lie in the cities backstreets and become most volatile when the cities two football clubs, Celtic and Rangers clash.

A brutal razor attack in the 1920’s shines light on this rivalry which runs far deeper than football. Almost 80 years later in 2010 another victim is cut down, this time butchered with a sword after an argument escalates out of control.

This films examines two savage attacks which typify the cities street violence, investigating the cause and effect of the split that still divides Glasgow to this day.

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